Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Hampshire Camper Tax Impact Unclear

New Hampshire campground owners and campers say the jury is still out on the effect of the newly imposed 9% camping tax, but campground owners charged with collecting it say their collective nightmare is just beginning.

It’s been three weeks since the Legislature passed the budget that included, among other things, a new tax on camping that, for most of them, has become more than a customer relations issue, according to the Laconia Citizen.

“It’s an accounting headache,” said Jon Mackie, who with his wife Sue are the owners of Clearwater and the Meredith Woods Campground in Meredith and who initially opposed the tax on its merit and are now realizing the accounting changes that they’ll need to make.

“For me, the biggest issue has been the level of indecision on the part of the state,” said Mackie, who said he’s still trying to determine how to tax his guests who partially paid before the effective date of July 1 but who are actually camping after the effective date.

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