Monday, July 06, 2009

RV manufacturers seek fuel efficiency

Major RV manufacturers have all reported a downturn in sales since the price of fuel started to skyrocket a few years ago. A typical RV weighs more, and gets worse gasoline mileage, than a 18-wheeler truck. And those who might have bought one in the past to save money on lodging and food on their road travels are now realizing that filling ‘er up might end up costing more than hotels and restaurants.

But as with the auto and truck industry overall, some RV manufacturers are scrambling to incorporate new features and design new models with better fuel efficiency and a lower overall carbon footprint.

Damon essentially converted the ultra-efficient chassis, engine and transmission of a leading parcel delivery fleet truck – package delivery companies optimize for fuel efficiency in their fleets to save on fuel – for use as an RV. The Avanti’s chassis also sits lower than other RVs, so it gets less wind resistance. These factors add up in fuel efficiency – 14.5 mpg – double that of other RVs in its class.
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