Friday, July 24, 2009

RV Vacations Offer Big Savings to Families

Today, Go RVing Canada released a major new independent Family Vacation Cost Comparison Study. The Study found typical family RV vacations to be up to 75 percent less expensive per day than the other types of trips. Several forms of travel were compared and in all cases, RV vacations were more economical than other types of travel, regardless of trip duration, distance, or region of the country where the vacation took place.

"This study confirms what we have been saying for years now," said Jeff Redmond, chairman of Go RVing Canada. "RV vacations represent the most economical way for families to travel and see the beautiful country that we live in. In today's economic environment, people need to know that RVs represent an adventurous form of travel that is more cost-conscious than any other vacation."

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