Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camphosts enjoy their 'job'

On Monday, Labor Day, Gareld and Verna Stockdale packed up their cooking tent, folded up their sleeping trailer and chairs and moved it all back home to Spring Valley, MN after spending the summer as campground hosts at Lake Louise State Park since the park's campground opening on Memorial Day weekend 2009. This ends their sixth year as camp hosts and they still love the job even though the pay is only their camping rights at the park where they have made their "home" in the western most campsite. They have only been home to sleep in Spring Valley twice in these three months of the camping season for Lake Louise.

The Stockdales duties include being at the campground to welcome the campers, helping them with locating their campsite and getting settled in. Some campers come in late, and the Stockdales greet them no matter what time it is. Verna includes the information that there has been only two nights all summer long when they have had no campers at all, except themselves. Otherwise the campground has been in use, most weekends the campground was completely full with the visitors, as it was this weekend for Labor Day. Late Friday evening, park manager Linden Anderson came to give her a run down sheet of reservations made through the state, and she quickly added in those she knew for sure were coming in "tonight or tomorrow" to fill up all the sites. Some group campers were also expected. The horse campground was completely full of campers and horses, the Lake Louise Park being one of the best campgrounds to accommodate the horse people for their trail rides.
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