Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RV Snowbirds Begin Return to Yuma, Arizona

Traffic in the RV parks and campgrounds in Yuma, Ariz., is getting a bit more congested with sightings of license plates from Washington, Oregon and other points north — and colder — than Yuma.

They’re the first harbinger of the annual influx of refugees from northern climes looking for a place in the sun away from snow and freezing temperatures back home, according to the Yuma Sun.

There aren’t many of them, mostly regulars, said Lois Galyardt, assistant manager of Cactus Garden RV Resort and Desert Paradise.

But as the temperature cools just a touch, the phone calls for reservations are heating up, she and other recreational vehicle park managers agree.

After all, it’s raining in Oregon and snowing in Colorado, noted Dean Buford at Caravan Oasis RV Resort.

“It’s looking like it will be a good winter visitor season. Reservations are doing well. I had four or five calls just this morning,” he said Thursday.

He’s even having some people come in. “I had five this week, most of them from Oregon where it’s raining.”

As the temperature drops in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Canada, the annual migration will pick up, he predicted.
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