Saturday, September 05, 2009

The world's largest single-story motorhome?

Running the risk of being mistaken for another pavilion at the recent Caravan Salon Motor Home and Caravan Trade Show in Dusseldorf was the Snakeliner President-Suite – a mobile house sitting atop a semitrailer that lets travelers satisfy their wanderlust while enjoying 969 sq ft (90m²) of living space.

The President-Suite, measures 59 ft long and 8.2 ft wide - not including the driver’s cabin. But if that wasn’t big enough, both sides can be extended outward a further 3.7ft to make it 16.4 ft wide when fully set up.

And it isn’t just the size that makes this mobile behemoth feel like a house. Interior fittings such as the granite dining room table give a feel that isn’t at all lightweight and 'motorhomey'. Other lavish interior features include a big screen TV in every room, a king-size waterbed, washing machine, drier, satellite Internet, central heating system, sound proofing, remote-controlled door and fire extinguishing system.
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