Friday, October 30, 2009

Near-permanent residency now allowed at RV resort

The Boulder City Council on Tuesday amended an ordinance that doesn’t allow lot owners at the Boulder Oaks RV resort to stay more than 180 consecutive days a year, now requiring them to leave for just one day.

Community members of the recreational vehicle resort attended the meeting to voice concerns about the ordinance that has been a concern for residents since it took effect in February 1987.

Attorney Michael Lemcool, speaking on behalf of Boulder Oaks members, said they shouldn’t be required to leave a lot they pay taxes on.

“Boulder Oaks RV resort is individually owned lots,” Lemcool said. “The city needs to change the zoning code.”

Other residents didn’t understand why the City Council wanted to enforce an ordinance that has been ignored for years.

“What’s the benefit or motive behind it?” resident Dave Bruce asked. “We are a tight-knit community.”
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