Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Park City Utah RV parks report a good year

Doug Sorensen, managing partner at the Park City RV Resort across from Kimball Junction, said business has doubled for him. He used to make a lot of money selling stalls that the owners can rent out when they're not using them (like condominium nightly rentals). He hasn't sold a single stall all year, but the daily rental business is so brisk it has made up for it, he said.
Sorensen owns a park in Moab as well and has seen the same things there.
He thinks the up tick in business is because people with RV's already own them. When money is tight and they're planning a low-budget trip or vacation, they tend to use what they already have.
He's especially surprised by the increase from the European market. Despite the recession, they're taking advantage of the weak U.S. dollar.
He takes reservations for ski season and says he has bookings that would make any hotel jealous.
"They don't usually book this early for winter," he said. "But if they already have a motor home, they don't have to spend $300 a night. We also have a pool, gym and clubhouse."
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