Monday, October 26, 2009

RVing is for the dogs

By Rosemary McClure, Reporting from San Francisco
My pal Darby and I love to go where the wild things are. In his case, that's because he qualifies as one of them.

Darby is a happy-go-lucky wheaten terrier with a penchant for travel. The mere whisper of the words "Let's go" unleashes boundless enthusiasm in him. We make great traveling companions because I also get pretty hyped when I hear those words, although I try not to leap around and whine.

Last month the great outdoors called, and we answered with a resounding yes and a hearty woof. Both of us love luxury hotels, but we don't mind roughing it now and then.

Luckily, conditions are improving for dogs that camp or go RVing with their families. It makes economic sense: Statistics show that 50% to 75% of the nation's RVers travel with a pet, enticing some private park owners to become more sensitive to the needs of dog owners.

Still, most RV parks and campgrounds have a long way to go.

"While over 90% of the RV parks and campgrounds listed on accept dogs, most have limited amenities," said Debbie Sipe, who represents the California Assn. of RV Parks & Campgrounds. "However, a handful of parks are investing in unique pet activities."
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