Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Speedway To Allow Dogs In Graves Farm Campground

In an ongoing effort to help fans make their race weekends more affordable, Michigan International Speedway is allowing dogs in its Graves Farm Campground for the 2010 season.

Many race fans who are pet owners incur costs to board their dogs when they head to the Irish Hills track for its NASCAR events. Opening the Graves Farm Campground to campers and their dogs will give fans the opportunity to camp with their pups.

"We’ve heard from our race fans that bringing their dog to the racetrack during their stay is a priority because so many do view their animal as part of the family," MIS President Roger Curtis said. "I personally have a family dog (Kaleb) that I would enjoy bringing to the track on race weekends. Opening the Graves Farm Campground to dogs is the least we could do for our fans."

The campground is open to dogs only.

Dogs must be on a leash no longer than six feet at all times and must remain within the confines of the pet owners’ campsite or on the walking trail. All owners must clean up after their dog.

Dogs are not permitted in the New Holland Fan Plaza or through the ticket gates unless they are service dogs.

Rules apply for race fans and their dogs in the Graves Farm Campground.
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