Saturday, November 21, 2009

After years of declining numbers, snowbirds are back

After three consecutive down years, the Valley appears to be attracting more snowbirds, a welcome change amid a struggling economy.

"Advance reservations are up" at about a dozen of the state's large RV parks and campgrounds, said Jeff Crider, an industry-association spokesman, "which highlights signs of a stronger snowbird season."

In Mesa, where there are more than 44,000 recreational-vehicle spaces, parks report that bookings are up and cancellations are down.

"We are not only better than last year, but we're actually beating numbers from three years ago," said Cheri Dewarrat, manager of East Mesa ViewPoint RV and Golf Resort. "Last year, we had occupancy of about 85 percent. . . . Now, we're looking at 95 percent and maybe better."
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