Thursday, November 05, 2009

Families Trading In Homes For RVs

Some families faced with unemployment and uncertain financial futures are choosing to sell their homes and live their lives on the road in motor homes.

MSNBC reports that according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, about 400,000 Americans live life on the road. Moreover, Kimberly Goza, who runs a Web site for families who live in RVs, noted that recently their traffic has increased tenfold--a consequence, some believe, of the recession's toll on families' abilities to afford mortgages.

Dave and Joleen Dudley are an example. When Dave lost his job as vice president of a software company, they decided to sell their sprawling house in Washington state and live with their three children in a trailer.

"Just taking care of the house, with the mortgage and the insurance and the utility bill and all that, we were probably looking at around $3,000 a month," explained Dave. "Now we're looking around $300 for the same thing."
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