Thursday, November 05, 2009

Jayco to increase RV production

“As a result of improving market conditions, lower dealer inventories, and retail incentives provided to dealers, Jayco needs to significantly increase our output in order to meet rising demand for our products,” said Bontrager.

Last spring, the company was producing approximately 75 RVs a day. Today, company officials estimated it to be about 130.

“We went from wondering how we were going to keep people busy these couple of months here, especially November and December, to a sudden turnaround of ‘how are were going to get them all built?’” said Jayco line supervisor Devon Miller. “It’s definitely a bit of good news.”

And Jayco isn’t the only manufacturer to see light at the end of the tunnel. In August, Dutchman RV in Goshen announced it was ready to hire 50 more workers.

Last week, Cozy Traveler in Elkhart said it would be hiring to keep up with demand for lightweight RVs.

Sales were up 13 percent industry-wide for the second month in a row compared to the same time last year. The industry expects a 27 percent jump in shipments for 2010. And while that’s positive news after a devastating year, Bontrager said he’s not ready to strike up the whole band just yet.
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