Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lazydays RV to shows off newest Tiffin Motorhomes

SEFFNER, Fla., Nov. 10-- Strings of lights adorned with hanging lanterns connected an array of new 2010 Tiffin motorhomes - and when combined with the November starlit sky - formed a luminous canopy over 260 RV lovers. The celebration, a 3-day block party, was held by Lazydays to launch the newest Tiffin Motorhome models that recently arrived at the dealership. Guests kicked off the event mingling and sharing the love of the RV lifestyle with one another over dinner - continuing the evening with festivities such as copious spirits, an exploration of new motorhomes and marshmallow roasting for the making of s'mores.

There was a splendid decor of Americana, but perhaps no icon was more anticipated and revered than Bob Tiffin, the founder of Tiffin Motorhomes, who personally met with each and every guest. Knowing that those who love RVing can never get enough technical information, a panel of seasoned RV experts was assembled to conduct several Q&A seminars. This group of Lazydays most experienced sales consultants and master certified technicians, alongside several Tiffin experts, left no question unanswered.

To conclude the product launch, a Wild West themed party left guests with the unmistakable belief that their RV journey had been magically enhanced by a special experience they would never forget.

Lazydays® was founded in 1976 with two travel trailers and $500. Today, the company's continued focus on unparalleled customer service has not only made it the largest single-site RV dealership in North America but also a place that many RVers refer to as their home away from home.
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