Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sign of winter: RV Snowbirds arrive in Arizona

MESA, Ariz. -- The start of November marks the start of winter visitors arriving in the Valley.

Among the early arrivals, Mary Lange, who was found this week lounging by the pool at the Desarama RV Park in Mesa.

"Feels pretty darn good. It's about 86 degrees here, very nice," Lange said.

She comes to Arizona from Iowa the last week of October each year and stays until the last week of April.

A survey by the Arizona Association of RV Parks indicates many parks are seeing more business this year. The Towerpoint and Good Life RV Resorts in Mesa said winter reservations are up 15 percent. However, the Shangri-la Resort in Yuma said things are about the same as last year, and the Rincon Resort in Tucson expects a slight decline.
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