Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snowbirds swoop in on Florida home deals

You can add real estate offices after restaurants, golf courses, condos and RV parks on the list of where you will find snowbirds, the perennial winter visitors from Michigan, Ontario and other parts north who began arriving in early November.

Despite the poor economy, and stronger efforts by Western states to recruit seasonal visitors affluent enough to afford two residences, more snowbirds are expected to gather in Florida this year than last, partly because of housing prices here.

"Reservations are up this year," said Bobby Cornwell, executive director of the Florida Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, which has 385 members. "This is not a recession-proof industry, but it is one of the few industries to escape the downturn."

In addition to those who stay in campers and recreational vehicles worth $5,000 to a couple of million, snowbirds flock to condos and homes they rent or buy, said Michael MacKenzie, director of communications for the 70,000-member Canadian Snowbird Association, headquartered in Toronto.
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