Saturday, December 05, 2009

An RV, a dog, a fire and a few Samaritans

On the evening of Nov. 25, our motor home caught fire. At this point we are not sure if it is a write-off, but that really isn't relevant to this tale. This is a story about the kindness of many Bakersfield good Samaritans and their willingness to help and even risk life and limb for complete strangers.

My wife, Sue, and I and our little dog, Joey, are full-time RVers and although we hail from Victoria, British Columbia, where I retired after 33 years in the Canadian Navy, our motor home is our home.

We arrived in Bakersfield and parked in the Rosedale Highway Wal-Mart parking lot around 5 p.m., planning to do a little shopping, dine and rest for the night. We had just received our dinner at the Original Roadhouse Grill when our server informed us of the fire.
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