Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two RV makers rise from the ashes

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Fleetwood and Monaco booths at the 47th annual National RV Trade Show was that both manufacturers even had displays. Just nine months earlier, the two companies had filed for bankruptcy and announced they were looking for buyers, but in Louisville, with booths positioned at opposite ends of the exhibition hall, they have new owners and a new inflow of capital.

Once towering giants, Fleetwood and Monaco may represent the boom, the bust and the uncertain recovery of the recreational vehicle industry.

The financial turbulence experienced by Fleetwood and Monaco landed the pair on Robert Salomon's list of Notable Bankruptcies of 2009. Salomon, an associate professor of management and organizations at New York University, explained that he included the RV makers because they are sizable companies that failed, both had thousands of employees and multiple facilities in different states.

However, he was not surprised the manufacturers stumbled given the motorhomes they produce were affected most harshly by the economic downturn as consumers curtailed spending on discretionary items.

What did surprise the academic was how quickly the RV divisions of Fleetwood and Monaco were purchased.
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