Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Workhorse Bosch Brake Recall Information

In May 2009 Workhorse mailed an “interim notice” to alert affected Workhorse owners of a defect in certain Bosch brake caliper assemblies used on Workhorse W20, W21 and W22 motor home chassis models. Pending an approved recall remedy for the problem, the interim notice described the authorized interim repair procedure, at no cost to the customer, for those brake problems related to the defect. However, brake repairs related to typical wear and tear or other issues are still the financial responsibility of the customer. As with any recall, misunderstandings about the defect and about who is responsible for what often arise.

The company has written an article which briefly explains the nature of the problem and how owners and technicians can determine whether a brake problem is related to the defect or not.
Read the article:
2010 Workhorse Bosch Brake Recall Information
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