Monday, January 25, 2010

25th RV show canceled for lack of vendors

BANGOR, Maine — The 25th annual Bangor Camping and RV Show scheduled for this weekend at the Bangor Civic Center has been canceled due to lack of interest from vendors, according to Bass Park Director Mike Dyer.

The event, which is organized by Bass Park and Civic Center staff, has been held every year since 1986. Dyer explained, however, that in order to fill the space at the Civic Center, at least three large vendors are needed. This year, only two had committed.

“It actually goes back to last year when dealers lost some of their co-op money [from RV manufacturers] to participate in the show,” Dyer said. “Last year, we cut the amount of rental space in half with the thought that something was better than nothing. This year, we were going to proceed that same way, but it didn’t happen.”

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