Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Americans' love affair with motorhomes

By Kevin Connolly
BBC News, Elkhart, Indiana

It was the Germans who invented the motor car and steered us all towards the boundless possibilities and endless problems of the age of internal combustion.

But it took the genius of America to recognise that with a little extra hammering and spannering the motor car could readily be converted into the motor home.

I am told it was a matter of days - weeks at most - before someone had converted the first horseless buggy into the first recreational vehicle (RV).

It was a clumsy-looking behemoth whose passengers rode - very slowly - high above the road surface on what was essentially a four-wheeled roof garden, complete with balcony.

But practicality was not the point. The point was Americans had brought their restless love of the open road and their romantic affinity for far horizons into the motor age.
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