Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Campground residency rules strengthened in Jackson Township N.J.

Working on the premise that campgrounds in Jackson are for recreational use and short-term vacations — and not for permanent residency — the Jackson Township Council has adopted an ordinance that amends the present campground regulations. The vote to make the changes was 5-0.

In discussing the issue of campground residency, council President Mike Kafton said, “There are [some] campgrounds that have children [as residents] who are attending our school system, and it has become a burden to the taxpayers and our schools. We have to give some teeth to our code enforcement officer, and this ordinance creates that.”

“We can’t put the burden on the taxpayers and the schools,” he said. “There are kids coming from the campgrounds. Unfortunately, there are some [campgrounds] that are forcing us to create an ordinance because this has become a burden to the township.”

“We have to be more specific and give a time frame during the winter hours, when kids go to school,” he said. “That’s why the ordinance has been created. There are too many kids coming in [to Jackson schools] from campgrounds and the taxpayers are picking up the costs, which amounts to thousands and thousands of dollars.”
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