Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Centerville, Ohio: new law for keeping RV at home

The last few hundred Centerville residents who park recreational vehicles on their property under old city rules have until July 15 to meet new standards passed in 2008.

The city has been gradually updating its rules on RV storage for 20 years, but existing owners had been grandfathered in under old rules, a practice that will end this year, according to Jennifer Wilder, assistant to the city manager.

The primary rules in effect for all owners July 15 are that all types of RVs stored outdoors must be parked on a paved surface, must meet size limitations, must be located in a side yard and be screened from neighboring properties by fencing or trees.

The policy affects all types of recreational vehicles, from motor homes, travel trailers and campers, to boats and personal watercraft, to horse trailers or any other utility trailer.
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