Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Happy Hauler

But Wright, stores about 150 recreational vehicles on his Bolton property. He operates his own 24-hour a day business, Happy Hauler Towing, and Recovery Bolton Notch RV Storage, which he says has grown to be Connecticut’s largest RV storage facility.

His interest in RVs began by accident. In 1982, after stumbling upon a help-wanted ad seeking an RV salesman, Wright discovered not only that he enjoyed selling RVs, but that he was also good at it.

Within a year, Wright was promoted to sales manager.

But his personal life crumbled as he struggled with alcoholism and marital problems. Following a divorce and the loss of his home, he lived in a friend’s basement for several months before driving to Alaska on his motorcycle one summer.

When he returned to Connecticut, he says he got lucky; a friend offered him another job working with RVs.

“I stayed there two years and turned my life around. I was making a six-figure salary,” Wright recalled.

However, he realized that a critical need to haul campers was not being met by the company he worked for.

“I ended up leaving my comfortable job [in 1987] to start my own trucking camper business. I made $17,000 my first year,” Wright said, noting that he dipped into nearly $40,000 of his savings to stay afloat.

“I love working for myself,” Wright said.
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