Thursday, January 07, 2010

Overnight RV Parking Proposal DOA

Easton’s Beach R.I.
Under a plan put forth by Economic Development Director Jonathan Stevens, RVs would be permitted to park overnight at a designated portion of the Easton’s Beach parking lot on weekdays from June until August, and seven days a week in May and October.

The same proposal had won the endorsement of the commission last year by a slim margin, but was scuttled due to public outcry before it could reach the council for discussion.

Security and enforcement of littering and alcoholic beverage rules, and liability due to an unlighted parking lot, possible night swimming were also cited as concerns.

In the end, the vote was unanimous not to support the proposal, but Armstrong added that he was happy to see the matter receive a good vetting and pointed to a new effort that he hopes will drum up some public input on how the city can improve the facility.
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