Sunday, January 24, 2010

Workers make camp, settle in for N.D. winter

With an investment in propane and a bit of skirting to keep the heat under the trailer, a recreational camper can make a fine winter home.

At least it's suiting some folks in northwestern North Dakota, where tight housing from a booming oil industry has led a number of people to consider camping out over winter.

"They are hardy people," said Alice Olson, who operates White Buffalo RV Park and Campgrounds at Watford City. "It's the tough people still here."

Some of those "tough" ones are southerners from places like Florida and New Mexico, who are proving they can handle the North Dakota cold.

"They are kind of taking it as a challenge," Olson said.

Kathy Mita, manager of Sand Creek Estates at Tioga, said there are a number of people camping the winter in Tioga, although the cold in early January thinned the ranks a little. Sand Creek Estates has had two campers abandon ship and get homes and another declared during the January frigid spell that this is his last year.
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