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Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty with Your Screwdriver

I am sure that nearly everyone who has used a screwdriver has, at one time or another, experienced the sinking feeling that occurs when the tool turns, but the screw in question does not. Phillips head screws seem to be the worst culprits.

One way to increase your odds of success (by as much as 30 percent) is to first dip the screwdriver tip in valve-grinding compound. The grit in the compound will help the screwdriver bite into the screw head, aiding immensely in the removal of a stubborn fastener.

Valve-grinding compound is readily available at most automotive-supply stores. A 11/2-ounce tube will likely cost you less than $1, and for this type of application, will probably last a lifetime.

-R. Blattenberger, Mount Holly, New Jersey

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What is a battery isolator and why do I need one?

A battery isolator is an electronic device that allows your motothome's alternator or converter to charge both the engine battery and the coach battery, but keeps the two systems separate or isolated so the coach batteries won't be drawn down while using the engine battery for starting the vehicle, and so that the engine battery won't be drawn down when using the coach's equipment (lights, ref, etc.).

Some motorhomes have a switch, usually a push button on the dash, that will bypass the isolator, which allows the coach battery to temporarily be used to start the vehicle.

Crank-Out Window Won't Close

Q) We have a crank open type window that wont close tight. It opens okay, but when its time to close, it stays open about an inch. There must be something broke somewhere, but looking at it, it appears ok?

We are DIYers so would appreciate any tips on whats wrong or how to fix it.

A) It's most likely the gear in the regulator (crank thingy) is stripped. I had the same problem my jalousie window once. The gear mechanism is fairly easy to replace and you should be able to find a replacement at an RV parts store. There are different models so you may want to take the old one with you.

I had to drill out some rivits holding the mechanisum in but it was easier to secure the new one with small bolts and nuts,

RV Quick Tips

  1. Instead of nails or screws, try using sturdy industrial–strength hook–and–loop fasteners when hanging things on the wall.
  2. After washing your RV and rinsing it off, use a leaf blower to help remove the water. It keeps the water spots to a minimum.
  3. When strong winds hit, try anchoring your satellite dish tripod with a 10-pound mushroom boat anchor. It should hold up in winds as high as 45 miles per hour.

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