Monday, February 26, 2007

2008 Ford Super Duty Pickup Review

A small fleet of trailers for towing demonstrations had settled into deep, thick mud. But the show must go on, and so it did. We were all surprised at the ease in which the 4x4 Super Duty trucks simply pulled the heavy trailers directly out of the goo. Freeing the trailers gave us a chance to test-drive a hilly paved-road route towing a variety of different weights, ranging from a 10,000-lb. box trailer to an 18,000-lb. fifth-wheel RV.

The Power Stroke's abundant torque became our best friend once again as acceleration from a standstill and full-throttle passing power were smooth and reassuringly easy, regardless of which trailer we were towing. Sure, we could tell there were a few extra tons of weight behind us, but the truck’s response and ease of driving were exactly what we would want for a relaxed, long-distance journey. At the end of the shift lever, the selectable tow-haul mode adjusts transmission to match towing and driving conditions. When descending hills, the TowCommand system helps to maintain speed by engaging engine braking or downshifting as necessary. Unlike some “Tow” systems that just seem to lock the transmission out of top gear, the Ford TowCommand actively seemed to anticipate what we needed, helping to improve throttle response, reduce gear hunting and utilizing each of the five gears appropriately.

In addition, each test truck was equipped with a redesigned integrated Trailer Brake Controller (TBC). Ford has engineered their new factory-installed TBC to be part of the truck’s own computer network, using braking input, vehicle speed and ABS logic to balance the performance of the truck brakes and electric trailer brakes. The driver can adjust the truck/trailer brake balance and sensitivity, shown in a gain/output digital display.
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Objections from campground owners prompted state to cut 50 “camping cabins” from improvements at Custer State Park.

PIERRE, SD --Objections from campground owners prompted a state legislative committee to cut 50 “camping cabins” from a proposal for $12 million in improvements at Custer State Park.

The camping cabins n with electricity but no running water n plus restrooms and showers at Center Lake would have cost about $840,000, but they would have generated an additional $1.1 million in revenue to help pay the cost of other improvements throughout the park.

Campground owners, including Rep. Alan Hanks, R-Rapid City, had objected to the plan, saying the cabins competed unfairly with private businesses near the park.
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Objections from campground owners prompted state to cut 50 “camping cabins” from improvements at Custer State Park.

PIERRE, SD --Objections from campground owners prompted a state legislative committee to cut 50 “camping cabins” from a proposal for $12 million in improvements at Custer State Park.

The camping cabins n with electricity but no running water n plus restrooms and showers at Center Lake would have cost about $840,000, but they would have generated an additional $1.1 million in revenue to help pay the cost of other improvements throughout the park.

Campground owners, including Rep. Alan Hanks, R-Rapid City, had objected to the plan, saying the cabins competed unfairly with private businesses near the park.
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CA State Park Campsites me be hard to get this Summer

When camping reservations for this August opened February 1, the California state park system received 17,000 bookings covering 65,000 nights. Campers won't have the luxury of being casual about deciding when and where to pitch their tents this summer.

"This has been the most successful February 1st that I have seen in the history of the California park system," said Jim Luscutoff, the park system's concessions chief. He attributes the brisk bookings to better reservation technology and staff increases at the ReserveAmerica call center.

Park officials offer these suggestions if that red "Find Next Avail. Date" button keeps popping up: Plan to camp midweek; try inland parks and those north of Santa Cruz; go in the less busy months of April, May, September and October; check for cancellations at (800) 444-7275 or

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life on the road is good in RVs featured at show

The Bacas of Evanston, Wyo., honor the motto: "Love the life you live and live the life you love."
For them, the life they love is traveling across the country in a $660,000, 45-foot motor home with four TVs, heated tile floors and motorized closet doors you can open and close with a remote. Oh, and don't forget the surround sound entertainment system for the outside of the RV.
On Saturday, the Bacas were gazing at just such an illustrious motorized mansion at the 42nd Annual Utah Sportsmen's Vacation and RV Show at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy.
The show features more than $20 million worth of motor homes, trailers, and outdoor equipment, including a two-story modular house/trailer with vinyl siding. The four-day show concludes tomorrow.
The behemoth out back of the convention center that the Bacas were admiring is the Travel Supreme Select Limited, an RV so big the retailer couldn't drive it into the building. It was being shown only by appointment.
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Tornado makes strong, scary impression on RVers

I don't think sirens are a total waste of money, but I know from first-hand experience that they are not the cure-all.

In 1995, while traveling in our fifth-wheel travel trailer, we were about 15 miles inside Oklahoma, just southwest of Ardmore. We were staying at a recreational vehicle resort with 20 other traveling folks. It was a beautiful working horse ranch with an indoor and outdoor arena. They had approximately 70 horses that they used for entertainment and work. The campground was near the Red River and had several dozen cabins.

Disaster struck about 5 p.m. on a Sunday. Thanks to a weather radio in the guard shack, we got a tornado warning from our security guard to get to the safety of the clubhouse, about a mile from the campground.
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Friday, February 23, 2007

Motorhome show FMCA rally returning to Perry Georgia

The motorhome exhibition is slated to run March 19-22 as part of a convention of an international motorhome owners’ club, the Family Motor Coach Association, based in Cincinnati.

March 19, from 3-7 p.m., a special viewing of the motorhome exhibits for visitors will take place.

In addition, those who wish to learn more about the motorhome lifestyle can attend the “Selecting The Right Motorhome For Your Needs” seminar that will be conducted from 5:15-6:30 p.m. in Heritage Hall.

Hours for viewing motorhome exhibits are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. that Tuesday-Thursday. Booth display hours on those days are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. as well.
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RV & Boat Show This Weekend in Stockton, CA

What: 23rd Stockton RV/Boat Show and Sale featuring 60 exhibitors, including 10 RV dealers and six boat dealers; vacation destinations; seminars; and demonstrations.
Where: San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, Airport and Charter ways, Stockton
When: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today through Saturday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday
Admission: general, $5; children younger than 12 free with paid adult; seniors free today; Friday free with valid fishing license
Parking: free
The Stockton show will include 10 RV dealers and a half-dozen boat dealers.
Information: includes more show details and schedules for daily fishing seminars.

Bassmaster Travels in Luxury Motorhome

Perhaps your grandfather owned what he affectionately called his "fishing car," a smelly station wagon that stayed full of rods and reels and old metal tackle boxes.

There weren't any "fishing cars" Tuesday as the 50 anglers who will compete in this weekend's Bassmaster Classic began rolling into Birmingham.

These days, anglers and their families travel to tournaments in rigs that rival haulers on the NASCAR circuit. Springville's Randy Howell travels the shortest distance to the World Championship of Bass Fishing at Lay Lake, but he'll do it in style.

His $400,000, 66-foot-long rig includes a 38-foot motor home complete with washer and dryer and a 28-foot trailer that hauls his boat on one level and his Chevrolet Avalanche on the other.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Damon to make more Motorhome RVs

Damon Motor Coach will boost its production of gas-powered motor homes by a third and add 20 people to its payroll, the company said.

Damon, which produces exclusively Class A motor homes, said it has seen "record demand" for gas-powered versions of the large motor homes.

Damon credits its success to changes within the company and the increase in demand is nationwide and that an expanded dealer base also helped.

Damon's gas lineup includes the Outlaw, Daybreak and Challenger models of motor home. The Outlaw is a gas-powered toy-hauler Class A: Think of a motor home with a garage.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Country Coach, a highline diesel motorhome builder, sold to Riley Investment Partners.

February 16, 2007, Junction City, Oregon - Country Coach, Inc., a highline diesel motorcoach builder celebrating its 34th year of luxury motorcoach manufacturing excellence, announced today the signing of a binding definitive agreement for the acquisition of the Company led by Riley Investment Partners. The transaction is expected to close early next week.

"We are pleased to share some exciting news with our coach owners, business partners and fellow employees," said Country Coach President and CEO Jay Howard. "The purchase of our company by a highly successful investment management company allows us to focus on what we do best. Our mission remains to design and build the highest quality, most innovative motorcoaches in the marketplace. Simply put, we will continue to produce The World's Finest Motorcoaches."
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Croatan National Forest's Cedar Point Campground May Raise Fees

CEDAR POINT NC, When it comes to campgrounds, David and Mary Ellen Dorman prefer the solitude and serenity of the forest to a recreational vehicle park.

That's why the snowbirds from the Buffalo, N.Y., area chose to spend this winter at Croatan National Forest's Cedar Point campground while visiting grandchildren in Jacksonville, Fayetteville and Oxford.

It is the second winter in a row the couple have spent in Cedar Point. Last year, they looked at several private RV parks in the area before settling on Croatan.

But if Croatan National Forest goes forward with a proposal to increase site fees at its three paid campgrounds, it could make the Dormans change their minds next year.
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Motor Home Enthusiasts Expected at NY Annual RV Show

RAMAPO NY- Thousands are expected at the RV show this weekend, where they can browse through more than 150 kinds of motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, popups and camper vans.

What: 33rd annual Northeast RV Show
When: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m today and tomorrow
Where: Rockland Community College's Fieldhouse, College Road, Ramapo, NY
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Overnight Camping to start at PA State Park

Visitors to Little Buffalo State Park in Pennsylvania this season will be able to camp overnight for the first time in the park's 35-year history.

In November, the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources finalized a deal to buy the privately owned 91-acre Little Buffalo Family Camping campground adjacent to the park in Juniata Twp., Perry County.

"It was the one thing that was missing from the park since its opening," Christine Novak, a spokeswoman for the department said. "Bringing camping to the park is something DCNR has wanted to do for a long time."

Visitors to the park will notice few changes to the campground, which had operated privately for 15 years, Bloom said.

The campground has space for 200 to 250 people, including one cabin that can hold up to 12, five small cottages that can hold up to five each and 40 outdoor sites, Bloom said.
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2007 Pennsylvania Campground Directory Released

The Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association has released its 2007 campground directory.

The free, 64-page, color directory divides the state into six regions.

All 232 member campgrounds are listed, with name, mailing address, phone numbers, access directions, number of sites and a listing of all facilities available.Detailed maps of each region are included.

The association consists of private campground owners dedicated to the advancement of family camping. It is an affiliate of the National Association of Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds, which represents 4,000 commercial parks across the United States.

To receive a directory, send your name and address to: PA Campground Owners Association, Beverly Gruber, P.O. Box 5, New Tropli, PA 18066, call (888) 660-7262 or email

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Texas Wildlife Refuge also home to several RVers every winter

Winter Texan Sharon VanderZyl is experiencing her first day on the job. The assignment is to learn the ropes, but suddenly everyone takes off for an impromptu meeting, leaving her alone to manage the "store."

With a shrug and big smile, she says, "Oh, well, that's how you learn … by diving into the deep end."

The store is actually the visitors' center and front desk at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. It's where people check in, ask questions, pay the entrance fee and shop in the bookstore.

Sharon and her husband, Rollie, are the newest of the nine resident volunteers now living at the refuge. As the morning progresses, Rollie is situated at a computer learning the ins and outs of running the refuge.

Each will donate 32 hours a week doing whatever needs doing in return for an RV site that comes complete with utilities and a phone.

As fulltime RVers, Sharon said they are Iowa natives "and home is where we park, Wisconsin most recently."
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RVer totals patrol vehicle

Karl McDermed’s motor home strikes officer’s car while officer was aiding motorist with flat tire on I-84 westbound.

Law enforcement officials are calling it an accident that underscores the importance of being aware of emergency vehicles — and a law designed to protect those behind the wheel.

Multnomah County, Oregon, sheriff’s deputy Ken Yohe, 37, of Sherwood, stopped at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 11, to help a motorist with a flat tire on westbound Interstate 84 about 3 miles west of Multnomah Falls. Nearly 40 minutes later, a 40-foot motor home driven by Karl Lee McDermed, 66, of Sandy, struck Yohe’s vehicle, said Lt. Jason Gates, a sheriff’s spokesman.
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Custom RV lets dialysis patients hit the road

People with kidney problems are often so tied down by dialysis treatments that they must set aside any plans for travel — but some creative Albertans invented a way around the problem.

The brainstorm came from Nancy Verdin, who lives in Red Deer. Verdin said that nine years ago, her kidneys failed.

Instead of giving up, Verdin and a friend formed the Traveling Dialysis RV Association. They approached a Red Deer company, Travelaire, and convinced it to design and build a $20,000 trailer for free.

The trailer includes a home dialysis unit that weighs more than 100 kilograms and is about the size of refrigerator.

The dialysis unit and filtration system, valued together at $45,000, were donated by manufacturers.

The trailer, which may be pulled by a truck or SUV, is available to be rented between May and August.
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One-of-a-kind: Plane is a flying RV

It’s not unusual for a seaplane to land at the Okeechobee County Airport. However, there was a seaplane at the airport on Wednesday, Feb. 7, that created quite a bit of interest.

Not only could it land on water as well as land, but it was completely self-contained like a flying motor home.

This is the only craft if its type, with a turbine engine and living quarters. It is completely self-contained with a generator, refrigerator, sink, stove, toilet, shower and bunk. It even has internet service and a satellite TV dish.
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Does the Toyota Tundra have the right stuff?

The 2007 Tundra represents Toyota's first attempt to match Detroit in size and power. The spec sheets and early tests show that Toyota has built a legitimate rival to Ford, GM and Dodge, said Dan Edmunds, director of automotive testing at

"They've hit every key point of a full-size truck with this one," said Edmunds, who drove the Tundra before it went on sale this month.

The Tundra's base price of $22,290 is the highest in the full-size market. GM's redesigned 2007 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra start at $18,760.

The pricing gets closer in the mid- and high-level trims, Edmunds said. The Tundra has some standard features, such as dual-zone climate control and side-curtain air bags, that are optional on some of the competitors.

Toyota does well in the major performance categories. The Tundra's largest engine, a 5.7-liter V8, is at or near the top in horsepower, torque and towing.

Toyota did not simply enter the market with this truck, Edmunds said. It went after best-in-class bragging rights. "The sheer output of the motor is pretty impressive," Edmunds said.

Toyota has pulled out all the stops for the Tundra launch, the largest marketing rollout ever for one of its vehicles in the United States.
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Home is where you park your RV

BROOKSVILLE - Bill and Phyllis Carter and their shaggy Yorkie named Booger are here this week and live the way they live all year long in part because of a 14-foot travel trailer, the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and a kidney transplant.

The Carters originally are from Cincinnati, and up until about a year ago they lived in New Port Richey, but now they live ... here. Here being wherever they are. Wherever they are, at least at this very moment, being the Hernando County Airport at the Family Motor Coach Association's annual Southeast Area rally, which started on Wednesday and runs till Sunday.

"The biggest problem I see is people who don't follow their dreams," Phyllis said Thursday afternoon at the airport. "They live a humdrum life. There's so many places to go in this country."

They live in a 2005 40-foot, 30,000-pound, $320,000 Fleetwood American Tradition. It has a queen-sized bed and two comfy couches and a refrigerator with an automatic icemaker and a flat-screen TV. The sign on the front of the dash looking out at the road says what the Carters clearly feel: "Life doesn't get much better than this."
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Cold Weather RV Camping

With the sun shining brightly, Billy Seal couldn't resist stepping outside his recreational vehicle to grill a couple of steaks while camping at McFarland Park recently.

Grilling steaks while camping on a sunny day is a perfect way to spend a spring, summer or even autumn afternoon.

For Seal, the middle of winter was also a good time to cook outside his motor home.

"This is nothing. It's warm," Seal said of the temperatures in the 50s. "I've camped up north when it was 10 below zero."

Tim Haney, superintendent at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, said the campground there has numerous campers during the winter.
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Friday, February 09, 2007

RVers Make Las Cruce, NM, Winter Home

LAS CRUCES NM— Peggy Nicol calls Weare, N.H., home — at least for six months of the year.

The rest of the time, the 71-year-old and her husband, Ray Nicol, live 2,700 miles away in Las Cruces. The couple arrived in October in their 30-foot motor home and plan to stay until April, avoiding the worst weather at their chilly East Coast residence while relishing New Mexico sunshine.

The Nicols are two of the dozens of recreational vehicle enthusiasts — commonly called snowbirds — who retreat to Las Cruces each winter, escaping colder temperatures, gray skies and snow elsewhere. Some stay for a few days in one of the city's 447 RV camping spots, stopping while en route to other southwestern destinations. Other visitors remain for weeks, and yet others, including the Nicols, stay the whole season.

Las Cruces' moderate climate is one of several attractions to RV owners, said Paul Black, co-owner of Sunny Acres RV Park on Valley Drive. Business picks up especially around this time of year, he said.

Black forecasts a boom in the RV park industry locally.

"... The people are starting to find it because of Money magazine and Forbes continually rating us in the top 10 as a place to retire," he said.
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Monday, February 05, 2007

KVH Offers Extended Warranties for RV Satellite TV Systems

MIDDLETOWN, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI), the nation’s leading manufacturer of mobile satellite TV systems for RVs and automobiles, announced today that it is offering a new extended warranty program for its TracVision® satellite TV systems. The KVH Platinum Protection Plan ( provides a two-year extension to the factory parts and labor warranty on its award-winning TracVision A7 automotive system as well as the company’s TracVision R-series satellite TV systems for RVs and motorhomes.

“Our number one priority is customer satisfaction because we know how important our TracVision satellite TV systems are when you’re out on the road and want to catch the big game or breaking news,” commented Ian Palmer, KVH’s executive vice president for satellite sales. “Our new Platinum Protection Plan offers our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their TracVision system will remain fully covered by our outstanding warranty program for even longer. We’ve also made it convenient to purchase the Platinum Protection Plan, with an easy online option available when our customers register their new or existing products at”

All TracVision systems are automatically covered by KVH’s standard warranty period – one year for parts and labor in the case of the automotive TracVision A7 and two years for parts, one year for labor in the case of the TracVision R-series. The Platinum Protection Plan extends the terms of these warranties for two additional years from the date of purchase. Owners of older digital satellite TV systems, including the original TracVision A5, L3, and S3 models, are also eligible to join the Platinum Protection Plan as long as they are still within the first year of their original factory warranty.

In addition to the two-year warranty extension, KVH Platinum Protection Plan members enjoy other benefits, including:

• Toll-free technical and repair calls with “FastTrack” response

• “FastTrack” product repair or replacement

• Free shipping for factory repairs or replacement

Additional information is available online at regarding the KVH Platinum Protection Plan, eligible products, and the easy steps to purchase the extended warranty program.

N.C. State legislator to live in RV during session

ASHEVILLE, N.C. New state Representative Charles Thomas says he'll live in a recreational vehicle while the Legislature is in session to beat the cost of Raleigh housing.
The Buncombe County Republican has parked his RV at a trailer park for the duration of the Legislative session.

Thomas says the RV has a fireplace, a queen sized bed and a widescreen television.
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RVs lighten their load

While gasoline prices are now around $2 a gallon in some places, big sport utility vehicles powered by gas-guzzling V-8 engines are about as popular as shag carpet. The time seems to have come and gone.

Taking the place of the big SUV is the smaller crossover utility vehicle built on car platforms, rather than the truck platforms of traditional SUVs. The increasingly popular crossovers — while nimbler and more fuel-efficient than their bigger cousins — don't have the muscle, the towing power, of the vehicles they're replacing.

And that is driving the "less is more" design of new recreational vehicles.

"There is a lot of innovation in the industry to get the weight down," says Jim Brown, who has been running Brown's Camping Sales in Jonesboro since 1974.

"A 22-footer in the 1970s, 1980s would have been 5,000 pounds or better," says Brown. "I now have 30-footers that are less than 5,000 pounds."

It's getting easier to find a travel trailer, complete with air conditioning and fully functioning bathroom, that weighs less than 4,000 pounds.

You might think that the trend to lighter RVs was driven directly by gas prices. You would be wrong.
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Winnebago Industries’ RV factory tour one of the best in the U.S.A.

Winnebago Industries’ factory tour has been selected as one of the best in the U.S.A. by factory tour experts Karen Axlerod and Bruce Brumberg in the new edition of their book, Watch it Made in the U.S.A. Watch it Made in the U.S.A. features over 300 companies across the country. Each listing provides vivid, narrative descriptions of the behind-the-scenes processes you will see, plus all the practical information you need on how to visit Winnebago Industries and other factory tours across the country.
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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Living, breathing miracles?

Two days after Christmas, Sheree and Joe Monroe decided to use a few days of their vacation to go camping. They headed north toward Marianna Caverns.

The couple read the Bible together and then she settled in and to read a book while her husband concentrated on driving. Coming up behind a large motor home, Joe Monroe moved their truck and the camper they were pulling into the left lane to pass.

Then their plans changed dramatically.

"A wind got a hold of the camper and it started swaying," Mrs. Monroe said in a recent interview. "Joe had to keep from hitting the motor home, so he went to the left a little bit and onto the shoulder and there was a huge hole there. The camper started swaying like crazy and we began jackknifing all over the road.

"The truck spun and at some point the camper detached. We rolled over three times. I called out, 'Jesus, save us.' "

By the time the truck came to a stop, Mrs. Monroe had an 8-inch gash in her head. Later she would learn that she had deep bruising in her ribs and had damaged a disc in her spine.

But they were alive.
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Bode blames ski team policy for current cough

ARE, Sweden - Bode Miller blames the cough he brought to the Alpine Skiing World Championships on the team’s new policies that prevent him from sleeping in his RV.

Miller, who will start his six-race campaign with Monday’s super-G, said sleeping in the team hotels has led to various illnesses all season.

“Not being able to sleep in the motor home has had a pretty negative effect on the load of training I can hold up,” Miller said. “But more than that, a negative effect on just my health in general. I’ve been sick three or four times this year.

“Being an RVer helps me do my job better. The RV world gives me a chance to balance things out. It allows me a sense of freedom,” Thomas said.
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A Million-Dollar View For Free

Perched in a catbird seat, Frank and June Nuttall survey their backyard.

The Nuttalls first visited San Elijo State Park in 1970.

"We came down on a holiday on vacation and we loved it so much, we kept coming back every year," Frank said.

Now the campgrounds are their permanent home six months a year. The Nuttalls pay nothing as volunteer campground hosts. For the past 15 years, the 80-year-old Brit and his 75-year-old Canadian wife also have gotten paid nothing.
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Campgrounds bring money to area but get no respect

Local campgrounds inject the local economy with revenue. They serve tourists. They are a natural fit with the many outdoor adventure activities in the region.

Yet they still feel their role in the area economy is underrated by tourism officials and the general public.

"I think there has been a prejudice by the local community," said Suzanne Mark, a campground consultant for Campfire Lodgings in Asheville, NC.

Linda L. Profaizer, president of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, said many people are now seeking out campgrounds with unique features and amenities.

She also said campgrounds are an underrated but valuable asset to tourism.

The typical campground injects $38,400 into the local economy weekly during the busy summer season, Profaizer said. During that 12-week peak season, American campgrounds and RV parks in total contribute $3.3 billion into local economies, according to the association's research.

"That's not too shabby at all," she said. "People tend to think about our parks as still being kind of tacky places and, in reality, many of them are extremely nice."

Mark, who also used to serve as the education director for the national association, said the industry is struggling to overcome the "trailer trash" image.
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Friday, February 02, 2007

RVers can now Download How-To RV Videos

RV Education 101 currently offers ten DVD training titles encompassing all types of RV's and RV related topics at Six of the titles are available in the form of instant video downloads at Mark Polk, video producer, added, "Our goal is to add the four remaining DVD titles in the very near future and to continue producing new titles. Now our customers can purchase the product and within minutes have the file saved to a destination on their computer, and watch it as often as they like."

10 Celebrities Who Enjoy the RV Lifestyle

RV travel is more popular than ever, with ownership at a record high, according to research by Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). People enjoy the comfort, convenience, control and freedom that RVs offer. Take Olympic skier Bode Miller, for example.

At the recent World Cup Skiing competition, Miller said he'd rather stay in his RV than in the team hotel, and that he preferred his own bed and food.

Miller is one of many high-profile athletes and celebrities who are passionate about RVing. Here's a list compiled by RVIA of 10 well-recognized people who have been quoted in news outlets on their love of RVs...
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Deadline Near For South Dakota State Parks Seasonal Jobs

The deadline to apply for seasonal employment in S.D. State Parks is fast approaching. The application deadline is Feb. 9. Applications are available online at the South Dakota Bureau of Personnel Web site and at South Dakota Career Centers.

The following employment opportunities are available throughout S.D. State Parks this summer: campground attendant, campground security, campground supervisor, crew leader, education center attendant, entrance station attendant, fire tower/radio dispatch position, gate attendant, law enforcement, naturalist, naturalist program coordinator, parks/ground maintenance worker, trail attendant and weed/spray crew.

All applicants must be 18 years of age and available to work the normal summer season, mid-May through Labor Day. Applications must be postmarked no later than Feb. 9, 2007. Applications received after the deadline will only be considered for any remaining positions.

Summer employment with S.D. State Parks is also available through Executive Intern Program positions. The application deadline for available summer 2007 positions is Feb. 1, 2007. Applications received after that date may or may not be considered. Applicants for Executive Intern Program positions must meet specific requirements in order to qualify for the program. Listings and specific application information can be found online at

For detailed information and a complete job listing, contact any South Dakota Career Center office. Job listing information and applications can also be obtained from the South Dakota Bureau of Personnel, 500 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501. Listings and applications for Game, Fish and Parks are also available online at by clicking on "Employment and Internships" along the left side.
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Road Trip To Loretta Lynn's Ranch

It was late in the day as we arrived in Buffalo, Tennessee located 65 miles west of Nashville. Our destination... Loretta Lynn's Ranch, which is 8 miles north of I-40 on Highway 13 in a little town, owned by Loretta, called Hurricane Mills.

The office had closed upon arrival, however, we drove on in to take a look and there to our delight sat another family of campers, fire aglow. We were there only a few moments when another couple pulled in behind us asking the same question as we, "Where do we pay?" We late arrivals were able to pay the following morning.

The campground is open April through October and has over 200 full service hookups. The cost is $29.50 per night for water, electric and late night coyote serenades. Loretta performs at the ranch in concert several times during the year. The facilities are excellent and the campground is rated four star.
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Fire Damages Family Motorhome

The Mesick, MI, Fire Department received a call at 5:50 p.m. that a motorhome near Sherman Hill on M-37 was on fire. According to Fire Chief Tom Williams, the family had just gotten back from vacation.

“They had just gotten home, parked it next to the pole building and plugged it in,” he said. “They hadn’t even unpacked yet.”
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