Thursday, May 31, 2007

RVers ride out fuel price hike

If he's running on empty, Bill Phillips easily can spend more than $600 to fill the fuel tank of his 45-foot-long Legendary Prevost motor coach.

"It heats up my credit card," he said.

But Phillips said the high cost of fuel is not about to deter him from seeing the country behind the wheel of his luxury RV, which gets about 6 miles per gallon when he's towing his Cadillac Escalade. The retired contractor from Clearwater, Fla., was parked recently at the Premier RV Resort in Coburg with his wife, Shaaron, and their three toy poodles, Cory, Cody and Rocky.

"You don't like the higher prices, but you don't buy the kind of rigs we drive and stay home because gas is up a quarter a gallon," he said. "It doesn't really affect my travel. You just ride and bitch, I guess."
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Man lives in his RV at work to conserve gas

Bernie Hooper stands next to his RV and says, "This is my new home sweet home."

Hooper used to drive 92 miles a day to work, each way. Now he walks about 20 steps.

A month ago, Hooper, who everyone calls Hoop, moved into the parking lot at his workplace. And he did it to save gas.

He says, "I was filling up three times a week. Compute that over a month. It runs about $732 a month. I can't afford that."

Hooper and his wife live in Sierra Vista, AZ. And he works in Tucson as lead instructor at Southwest Truck Driver Training.

He wouldn't change either. So for more than three years he commuted everyday. He stopped when gas prices hit $3 a gallon.

Now Hooper lives in his RV at work on weekdays and he goes home on weekends.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Colorado Independent campgrounds struggling to stay afloat

Fort Collins, CO -- It's that time of year again. Whether you pitch a tent or cozy up in a creek-side cabin, campgrounds offer a refresh-ing escape from the mundane and a chance to mellow out with the environment.

But local independent campgrounds often fight to stay in business faced with plentiful and less expensive national park and national forest campgrounds.

Private campground owners rely on the natural beauty of their locations and creature-comforts to lure campers to higher-priced sites.

U.S. Forest Service camp-grounds are in the national forest boundaries, part of the public land system, and run by the Department of Agriculture. A concessionaire runs each campground, on contract with the forest service, said Mary Bollinger, visitor assistant at the Forest Service's Canyon Lakes Ranger District, part of Arapahoe and Roosevelt national forests and Pawnee National Grassland.

National Park Service camp-grounds are operated by the Department of Interior, though a lot is shared between the two organizations, Bollinger said. Expenses for the camper are relatively low, with many sites available for under $20 per night. That is because the government owns the land, keeping costs down for campers.

G.W. Kippschull and his wife, Theresa, own three area KOA campgrounds, in partnership with his daughter Heidi Sisco and son-in-law, Craig, and his son Byron Kippschull. Kippschull operates the Fort Collins/Poudre Canyon KOA in LaPorte, the original KOA in the area.

“What hurts private camp-grounds the most is property taxes. The land values have gone up so much, but we can’t really charge more because of it,” Kippschull said. “Private campgrounds are known for having more rules than state forest campgrounds, since we have people staying in closer proximity. Private campgrounds need special things to offer, which make it a little more expensive than public campgrounds.
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Angry RV owners flood Lethbridge, Canada meeting

Lethbridge aldermen will take nearly a month to mull over a proposed bylaw limiting recreational vehicle parking in the southern Alberta city.

None of the approximately 75 people who spoke at Monday's public hearing was in favour of the changes, which would limit the amount of time RV owners can park a motor home in a driveway or backyard.

The bylaw, which aldermen will vote on June 25, would force owners to move their vehicles after 48 hours or face fines and possibly jail.
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Cruise America Has New Web Site for RV Rentals

MESA, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 29, 2007 -- Already the world leader in RV rentals and sales, Cruise America launched a new Web site this month geared toward assisting RV enthusiasts with all aspects of their vacations. Located at the company's original URL,, the new site offers enhanced rental reservation and RV sales information, as well as a streamlined booking process and easy-to-navigate pages.

The Web site launch, which corresponds with the company's 35th anniversary celebration this June, also signifies a new role for Cruise America -- the role of RV vacation guide, thanks to its new Vacation Ideas & Rental Tips section.
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Michigan's Sterling State Park Seeking Volunteers

A perfect volunteer opportunity has opened up for those who want to spend some time outside.

Sterling State Park is in need of campground hosts this summer.

The host helps other campers have a safe camping experience, while getting a free stay at a campsite.

Campground hosts share their expertise and knowledge of camping and answer questions and organize campground activities.

"Our busiest time is on the weekends, but they would be expected to do 40 hours a week, and stay for a minimum of 30 days," said Colleen Richardson, secretary at Sterling State Park. "In exchange, we offer a free campsite with electricity."
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Albuquerque balloon fiesta RV campground deemed hazardous

A campground that hosts thousands of recreational vehicles every year during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has been declared off-limits after state inspectors discovered 15 safety hazards with electrical equipment on the site.

It's not clear if the problems can be fixed in time for this fall's fiesta, a city official says.

The land in question is the 78-acre former Los Angeles Landfill. It lies just south of Balloon Fiesta Park and every year hosts 1,200 to 1,500 RVs as part of the fiesta. As a campground, the land brings in at least $100,000 a year for the fiesta, one official estimated.

The hazards include insecure circuit breakers, substandard equipment and electric lines that run near water lines or standing pools of water, according to a report issued in April by the state Occupational Health and Safety Bureau.

"It is my recommendation that the existing service equipment for the RV use be de-energized and removed," wrote state consultant Gene Ostmeyer, who said the system presented a "potentially huge liability."
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RV campground developer feels double-crossed

PONTOON BEACH, ILL — A local land owner says he invested more than $100,000 after being assured by village officials that he could develop a campground for recreational vehicles.

"Everything was a go," said Dan Evans, the would-be developer.

But in February, less than four months after the village board approved an ordinance allowing campgrounds, it repealed the measure.

Local officials say they were responding to opposition from neighbors. The dispute has prompted Evans to sue the village.

Evans owns 40 acres of land north of Horseshoe Lake Road and west of Illinois Route 111.

"It used to be a sand pit," he said. "I spent thousands of dollars to clean it up."

He said many people think a lake on the property is the best fishing lake in Madison County.

"Some people asked me about putting their campers there," Evans said. "The mayor and trustees thought it was a good idea."

The board voted unanimously on Oct. 24 to approve the ordinance, but then voted unanimously on Feb. 13 to repeal it.

In between the two votes, neighboring residents gathered more than 200 signatures on a petition against a campground.

A hearing on Evans' request for a permit was held last Wednesday, before a hearing officer for the village, but Evans wasn't there. Giacaletto said Evans had no application pending since the village canceled the earlier hearing and returned his filing fee.

Among the speakers were Betty Johnson and Gail Gargac, who led the petition drive. Johnson lives on Virginia Drive, a block-long street that is on three sides of the Evans property. She said a campground would attract alcohol, drugs, homeless people and sex offenders.
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Hosts find it heavenly even as campers roll in

DORENA LAKE, OREGON - Every Memorial Day weekend, Ted and Betty Whitling play host to one of the largest outdoor bashes in Lane County.

Since mid-April, the retired couple's backyard has been a seeming ghost town of 48 empty camping sites at Baker Bay on Dorena Lake. But on Friday, city dwellers from as far as Portland came rolling in, looking for a piece of the peaceful lake.

"It goes from a quiet, pretty, pristine area with a carpet of daisies, and all of a sudden here they are, coming in in droves," Ted Whitling said on Sunday. "It's kind of a shock."

By Labor Day, the daisies are trampled, but the Whitlings say new relationships bloom, and that's what they really enjoy.
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Gas Prices Keep Campers Closer To Home

(CBS4) SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. As usual over the Memorial Day weekend, Colorado's state parks were packed, but this year they were filled with locals and many of those people were returning from camping trips Monday.

High gas prices had people staying closer to home over the holiday. One family canceled their trip to Florida because the of the gas prices. When they had to go California a few weeks ago, they flew instead of drove because it would have cost them twice as much.

Carl from Lakewood chose the mountains for his Memorial Day getaway and likely the rest of his summer travel plans will be in-state.

"We made plans to stay in the state and go to Grand Lake," Carl said. "That's our vacation."
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Full Time RVers help campers enjoy stay at Rock Cut State Park.

Rockford, ILL. - Forty years ago Jinny and Dick Bridgeland would camp with their young children at Rock Cut State Park in a homemade tent trailer.

Today they are among the first people campers meet at Rock Cut. They serve as campground hosts, helping others enjoy their camping experience at the park.

“It excites me to see the young families come camping because that is what we did,” said Jinny, a 66-year-old retired beauty shop owner. “You just can’t build better family unity.”

The Bridgelands, who used to live in Rockford, reside in their 36-foot motorhome at Rock Cut during the summer and spend winters at their home in southern Texas. They have been hosts for four years.

They are two of Rock Cut’s six volunteer hosts who work 20 to 30 hours a week in exchange for a free camping site with water, electricity and a septic hookup.

Hosts usually are retirees and full-time RVers, who live in sunny places such as Florida, California or Texas during the winter. They arrive at Rock Cut in early May and leave in late September.
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RVers Reunited by need for speed.

Friendships renewed at RV park near speedway.

They are seven couples who met at an RV resort near Lowe's Motor Speedway and twice yearly gather from disparate backgrounds and points on the map -- Canada, Texas, Illinois, New York and Wisconsin -- for a week of NASCAR camaraderie.

Last weekend's races were over, and they had days before the next races: Saturday's Carquest 300 and today's Coca-Cola 600.

So their debate wasn't over the best drivers -- but what to do.

They considered golfing, or renting a limo to get an early start on barhopping. One suggested shopping, another drifting on a party boat on Lake Norman -- or checking out the latest models at a nearby RV dealership.

Yet by early afternoon, delighted with their indecision, all they'd accomplish was lining up lawn chairs to watch a worker wash one of their RVs.
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Snowbird Couple's motor home abandoned a year ago

The case of a missing nomadic couple has taken another strange twist with the Oregon State Police seizing a motor home registered to them that was found by federal Bureau of Land Management personnel a year ago, between May and July 2006, abandoned on BLM property.

Investigators learned that the 1976 Sportscoach 25-foot motor home was secured at the National Guard Tank Battalion facility in the Redmond area.

Kenneth W. Miller, 73, and Betty Lou Japel, 69 are missing and believed endangered, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Described by relatives as snowbirds who spent their winters in Arizona and their summers in Central Oregon, Miller and Japel aren't married, but have been together more than 20 years.

It's never been confirmed, but it's possible Gregory Allen "Groundhog" Cole was traveling with the couple in his motor home when he shot and wounded a Quartzsite, Ariz., police officer May 17.
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RV Camper hosts on school grounds for summer

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- School may be out for summer, but it isn't out forever and eventually classrooms will be full again. To make sure nothing happens in the meantime the Anchorage School District uses a unique vandalism prevention program. The Anchorage School District relies on something called camper hosts to keep an eye on buildings and playgrounds and cut down on losses from vandalism.

Each summer, schools in Anchorage become small RV parks, sometimes hosting just one RV, sometimes hosting two. In exchange for keeping an eye on the school and playground campers get an electric hookup and a septic system pump out once a week.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Missing couple's motor home seized in Redmond, OR

Oregon State Police detectives investigating a missing McMinnville couple said Thursday they have seized the pair's motor home, found abandoned on BLM land in Central Oregon last summer.

OSP detectives, working with the McMinnville Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety, are trying to find Kenneth W. Miller, 73, and Betty Lou Japel, 69, said OSP Lt. Gregg Hastings.

A suspect in the investigation, Gregory Allen Cole, also known as "Ground Hog," was found dead Wednesday near Quartsite Arizona of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Arizona officials said. Cole, found in a dry wash off Highway 95, was the subject of an intense search in connection with the May 17th shooting of a Quartzite police officer during a traffic stop. The officer is now recovering from his wounds.

On Wednesday, OSP detectives seized the missing couple's 1976 Sportscoach 25-foot motor home after learning it was secured at the National Guard Tank Battalion facility in the Redmond area. Detectives learned the abandoned motor home was found by BLM personnel on the agency's property between May and July 2006 of last year.
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Motor home combusts while driving Interstate 15

ST. GEORGE UT- A motor home burned to the ground Sunday afternoon near Interstate 15 northbound at about mile marker 40, according to the Utah Highway Patrol.

Steven Clyde, Utah Highway Patrol trooper, said the driver stated that when he noticed smoke coming from the front passenger side of the RV, he pulled off the freeway onto the Kolob Canyon exit.

He added that the driver reported that when he got out of the motor home, it went up in flames shortly after that. "It burned to basically frames and an engine," he said.
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RVing Vacationers think 'close to home'

For the first time in 16 years, Sandra Martin of Sheboygan may be forced to give up a summer vacation at Wisconsin Dells and instead go on a camping trip at a state park much closer to home.

The reason: Record-high gasoline prices that creep higher almost daily.

Roger Russove, sales consultant and rental manager at Horn's RV Center, 8120 S. Frontage Road, said sales and rentals of recreational vehicles are up this summer over last, despite gas mileage that ranges from 8 to 12 mpg.

Customers, Russove said, are telling him they still enjoy RV travel, but are taking shorter trips that use up less gas. "Rather than driving halfway across the country, they're finding things to do here."

Roth said the shorter vacation trips for motorists could make for a nice "flip side" for Wisconsin tourism, if people stay closer to home to save on gas and spend their money here.
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Suspect in Quartzsite shooting committed suicide, RVers still missing

Gregory Allen "Groundhog" Cole, who was suspected of shooting a Quartzsite police officer, has been found dead off Highway 95 near milepost 114 by Arizona Department of Public Safety officers.

On May 17, Officer James Kemp of the Quartzsite Marshals Office was conducting a traffic stop on a 1976 Ford motor home at approximately 5 a.m.

As Kemp exited his patrol car, 45-year-old Cole allegedly fired several rounds from the motor home, according to DPS. Kemp was shot and wounded.

Cole allegedly fled the scene in the motor home. Investigators later found it abandoned at the La Posa Campground parking lot near Quartzsite.

Investigators learned the license plate on the motor home was registered to a black and silver 1986 Dodge pickup owned by Kenneth Miller and Betty Lou Japel of McMinnville, Ore. The couple still have not been located.

Several days later, DPS located the 1986 Dodge in Montana and the couple's motor home in Oregon. Police are unsure how long the truck has been in Montana and how it got there, the release said.

According to DPS, it is unknown where Miller and Japel are, but investigators are concerned for their safety.
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RVers Paying for Pricey Pumps

Despite the pinch at the pocket to fill up their big tanks- some roadsters aren't ready to say goodbye to summertime tradition just yet. But others are; saying their pocketbooks just can't handle the growing cost of going cross-country.

Judy Vander Bruggen says, "we figured a hundred dollars a day for gas and space rental. but now we're doing almost a hundred dollars a day just in gas."

And the total for their trip?

Judy Vander Bruggen says, "I'm gonna say right around 4,000 dollars. We didn't intend to spend this much money on gas, t-shirts, but not gas! We're thinking about selling our trailer. It's just too expensive."
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Arizona police find vehicles, but still seek missing McMinnville couple

Arizona police are searching for Betty Lou Japel, 69, and Kenneth W. Miller, 74, after a shootout during a traffic stop in Quartzsite, Ariz. where the suspect fled in a motorhome that resembled one driven by the couple. Police have said the couple was not involved in the incident, but are concerned for their welfare.

Investigators said today they had located the couple's black and silver Dodge Ram pickup truck in Montana. They don't know why the truck was in Montana or how it got there. Today, investigators also said the license plates for the pickup were on the motorhome involved in the shooting, but the motorhome belonged to Cole. The couple's motorhome was recently located in Oregon, police said.
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Not your typical RVing snowbirds

Jean and Clarence Whelan aren't your typical snowbirds. Just ask the folks down on the bayou.

Just before the Whelans left their North Shore home after the holidays for their trip down south, they were watching Jay Leno's show and former President Jimmy Carter was the guest.

"Carter made an appeal for volunteers to help Habitat for Humanity and ACORN with recovery efforts," said Clarence, who has a relative that works for ACORN, a national coalition of community groups that helps low income people with housing and other issues ( "Jean and I decided we should do that."
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trailers for sale or rent

What kind of person collects old trailers – castoffs from the ‘40s and ‘50s you find abandoned in the woods, worth nothing even as scrap, burned out, graffitied and full of rodents and rot? Well, some pretty cool people. People who like cozy, varnished-wood interiors, robin’s-egg blue appliances cuter and more functional than an Easy-Bake oven, curtains printed with hunters and spaniels, little knick-knack shelves that hold an old fishing reel or a Bell & Howell home-movie camera. In other words, people who get a warm feeling about inhabiting a piece of mid-century America for a few days. They restore their trailers with the devotion of any car-show junkie.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Toll discount available for fifth-wheelers but still more the Motorhomers

We are RVers who drive a pickup truck and tow a 32-foot fifth-wheel trailer.

Upon receiving our E-ZPass statement from the Albany Thruway recently, we were upset to see that the toll from Woodbury to Exit 24 had doubled from $8.40 to $16.29. I read last fall that RVers would receive a break on their tolls.

When I called the E-ZPass office, they said the charge was correct and the discount was only offered to RVers who drive a motor home. We don't feel that is fair. There are a lot of us seniors who are traveling in pickup trucks and towing fifth-wheel trailers or regular tow-along trailers because it is the more economical way for us to travel.

With discount plan, the fifth wheelers would pay $14.77 to travel from Woodbury to Exit 24 in a two-axle truck pulling a two-axle fifth wheel. That's still quite a bit more, though, than for a standard hitch low trailer ($7.56 with E-ZPass) or a stand alone mobile home ($8.60 with E-ZPass or $4.14 with a motor home discount plan).
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Winnebago Introduces 2008 Motor Homes in Las Vegas

Winnebago Industries, Inc., unveiled its exciting, new 2008 Winnebago® and Itasca® brand motor homes during the Company’s Dealer Days event held May 14-16, 2007, at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nev. With a theme of “Dialed In,” Winnebago Industries introduced a lineup featuring 25 model lines and 93 floorplans, 49 percent of which are new or redesigned for 2008.

“Winnebago Industries was able to demonstrate to our dealers how we’re “dialed in” to RVers wants and needs with our 2008 motor home lineup,” said Winnebago Industries Chairman of the Board and CEO Bruce Hertzke. “We listened to what our RV owners and customers are looking for in a motor home and responded with a terrific 2008 lineup, particularly strengthening our diesel motor home offerings.”

“I am very impressed with the new Winnebago Vectra and Itasca Horizon, as well as the Winnebago Tour and Itasca Ellipse on the new Maxum chassis,” said Sharon Padley, Product Manager of Lazy Days RV Center, Seffner, Fla. “I was even more impressed with the beautiful interiors throughout the entire product line; it’s the best I’ve seen in years.”
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Iowa Campgrounds Fill Up Ahead of Memorial Day

May 21, 2007--It's hard to believe, but it's less than a week from Memorial Day. Many Iowans are getting their tents and RVs ready to hit the campground, but there are some changes this year you'll need to be aware of. Some of them could make it more difficult for you to get in to a campground.
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Country Coach finds new niche with 'Rhapsody'

What do you call a $1.3 million motor coach so powerful it can burn rubber, so luxurious it features two bathrooms, so over-the-top it boasts no fewer than four flat-screen televisions and two home-theater systems?

You could call it Extravagant or Audacious or Conspicuous Consumption. Country Coach, the Junction City motor home builder that makes this vehicle, picked Rhapsody. As in: The enthusiastic expression of joy; a state of elated bliss; ecstasy.

Whether a 53,000-pound, diesel-powered land yacht can elevate a person to a state of elated bliss is an open question. But there's no doubt the Rhapsody represents Country Coach's boldest bid to live up to the promise of its slogan: "The world's finest motor coaches."

In the Rhapsody, Country Coach is offering a combination of "extreme performance" and "ultimate luxury," marketing director Matt Howard said.
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Quartzsite Officer Shot in Motorhome Stop. RVers Missing

QUARTZSITE, Ariz. -- An officer shot, the gunman on the run and now an elderly couple is missing in the wake of a traffic stop near Quartzsite.

Department of Public Safety detectives said they learned the officer, from the Quartzsite Marshal's Office, conducted a traffic stop on a 1976 Ford Motor Home around 5 a.m. on Thursday.

As the officer began to exit his patrol car, several shots were fired from the motor home by an unknown number of suspects, DPS said.

After the officer was shot, the driver of the motor home fled the scene, investigators said.

Police said they eventually found the motor home abandoned in the La Posa Campground parking lot in the Quartzsite area.

Investigators said they learned the motor home was registered to Kenneth W. Miller and Betty Lou Japel of McMinnville, Oregon.

The license plate on the motor home at the time of the shooting belonged on a 1986 Dodge pick up truck, which is also registered to the couple, DPS said.

That Dodge pickup truck, described as a black and silver Dodge Ram 50, is missing, along with the Oregon license plate that should have been on the motor home, which is H109178, investigators said.

Authorities said they don't know where Miller and Japel are.

DPS officers said they are following leads from local Quartzsite residents. Investigators said they are trying to locate a person known only by the nickname "Groundhog" who is thought to be an investigative lead.

He is believed to be a white male, approximately 6 feet 2 inches tall, with brown eyes and weighing 275 pounds. He is bald and is believed to be staying in Quartzsite.

Officers said anyone with information regarding the investigation is urged to call 602-223-2212.
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Friday, May 18, 2007

In spring an RV owner's fancy turns to thoughts of maintenance

The arrival of spring signals that it's time to prepare the RV for a season of camping.

Art Dack, education and career co-ordinator for the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Alberta, said five key areas need to be checked when an RV is taken out of storage in the spring.

These are the propane gas system and appliances, batteries, interior, water system and the roof and walls, Dack told a recent RV seminar.

The checks apply to all classes of RVs, he said, but pointed out that they do not include the drivetrains of motorhomes, which should also be checked out before the camping season. However, examining the drivetrain is a task for an automotive technician, not an RV tech.

Whether it's the RV or the drivetrain, technicians are available to handle the checks for RV owners.

"Not all RV owners are able or willing to be do-it-yourselfers," said Dack, an RV technician who ran an RV service and repair business for more than 20 years. "If you're not comfortable working on your RV, leave it to the professionals.
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Campsites Still Available Memorial Day Weekend Across Lone Star State

DALLAS, May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- There's hope for travelers who have been frustrated in their attempts to book Memorial Day weekend reservations at scenic locations across the Lone Star State.

"While campsites at the more popular federal, state and local parks often book up months in advance, there are literally hundreds of private campgrounds and RV resorts throughout Texas that still have spaces available for Memorial Day weekend," said Brian Schaeffer, executive director and CEO of the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO).

"All travelers have to do is log on to or and they can easily spot the private campgrounds that are located in the areas they wish to visit. At that point, they can click on the websites of the parks of interest to them and make their reservations, either by phone or online."

While public campgrounds are located inside state, federal and local parks, Schaeffer said private parks typically offer better amenities, including camping cabins, pull through campsites, wireless Internet service
and activities for young and old alike.

Schaeffer also encourages Texas-bound travels to pick up a free copy of the 2007 edition of the Texas RV Travel & Camping Guide, a four-color, glossy magazine that lists more than 400 campgrounds and RV resorts in Texas and New Mexico. The directory, which is available at campgrounds, Texas Travel Information Centers, chambers of commerce, visitors bureaus and RV shows, includes a Texas Saver Card, which provides 10% to 15% discounts at participating parks, plus a Texas RV Rewards Card, which can be used to accumulate points for free overnight camping.
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Motorhomes locked up and held hostage?

Las Vegas, NV, Some people say an RV repair shop is holding their motorhomes hostage. Double Eagle RV Repair off of Boulder Highway closed up shop and locked their gates Monday afternoon.

People haven't been able to get a hold of anyone at the shop for at least four days. While that might not sound like that big of a deal, imagine you were traveling in your RV when it broke down.

That's exactly what happened to one couple.

Their motorhome broke down, they had it towed here to the shop, and they been staying in a hotel while the shop owner apparently pulled a disappearing act.

Tom Poling with Double Eagle RV repair told them it would take a couple of days to fix their motorhome. But Monday afternoon the gate was locked and the shop closed. "Can't get any response from anybody to tell us anything about when we're going to be able to get out of here," James said.

And the Perrys are not the only ones.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iowa Parks, Lakes and Campgrounds see increased camping

DRAKESVILLE — Area recreation officials expect the Memorial Day Weekend to draw a boatload of people to local lakes and campgrounds.

The weekend holiday is considered the unofficial kickoff to summer and the camping season. Several area campground administrators said their pre-reserved sites are completely full already and they look to draw even more people during that weekend.

“We always have a crowd on Memorial Day,” said Chad Horn, park ranger at Lake Wapello State Park.

But with above-normal temperatures, some area lakes and campgrounds have already seen an increase in activity.
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Camp brings life to township

New recreational site motivates area businesses

FORESTER TWP. MI - Camping often conjures up thoughts of summer campfires, fishing and family time.

Kate Watson of Forestville Township sees flat tires, stranded motorists and dollar signs. Watson and her husband, Rick, own Active Towing in Forester Township, about five miles north of Port Sanilac.The Watsons, other business owners and local economic-development officials say a new, 420-site campground which opened two weeks ago on Lakeshore Road has the potential to bring an influx of cash into an economy that has seen little growth in recent years.

"(The campground) has helped tremendously," Kate Watson said.

Lake Huron Campground filled about 150 sites in the first two weekends it was open. Owner Spiro Trajcezvski of Shelby Township said the campground, which will employ about 50 seasonal workers and 15 year-round, is a pilot project, the first of five he wants to build across the country.

Lake Huron Campground has a general store; a pizza counter; an ice cream shop; a banquet hall; an arcade; a swimming pool; and playgrounds.

Dale Benish, executive director of the Sanilac Economic Alliance, said Trajcezvski's project could have wide-ranging benefits to areas along M-46 and M-52. Campgrounds in the area have seen growth even though tourism was down about 1% last year across the state.
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Michigan State Forest Campgrounds Increase Fees Monday

MARQUETTE — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources said fees for camping at state forest campgrounds will increase Monday.

The fee hike comes following action taken by DNR Director Rebecca Humphries at Thursday’s meeting of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission.

“Fees paid by campers in state forest campgrounds are put right back into the campgrounds for the operation and maintenance of these facilities,” Humphries stated in a press release. “For several years, the campgrounds have not generated the revenue needed to meet these costs, and this has created both a short- and long-term deficit in the Forest Recreation Fund.”

Fees for state forest campgrounds will increase for many different types of camping.
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Officials Hope New Attractions Boost Indiana State Park Attendance

A new boat ramp, a swimming pool and a horseman’s campground are among new attractions to be introduced this summer at three state parks in southern Indiana.
Officials hope the amenities will attract more visitors to parks, countering the effects of an admission-fee increase and higher gasoline prices. The state hopes to reverse a double-digit attendance decline at some parks in recent years, park managers said.
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

K&N offers Ford Motorhome & Super Duty Van Air Intake System

(openPR May-2007) - Large and powerful motorhomes and super duty passenger vans come in an array of sizes with varying wheelbases, chassis and lengths. Ford builds these behemoths in many different configurations. Despite their size, most are very easy to drive because of the strong suspension and power controls for easy steering and braking.

K&N Engineering has developed a 77 Series High-Flow Performance Intake System (77-2570KTK) in textured black for the models listed below. K&N dynamometer tests show a horsepower gain of 17.48 @ 4101 on the stock 2006 Ford E-350 6.8 liter V-10 engine.

“This is K&N’s first RV Air Intake System,” said K&N Performance Kit Manager Bert Heck.
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Friday, May 11, 2007

Colorado campgrounds offer a site for sore eyes

Sleeping outdoors under the stars sounds like a romantic notion, but camping often requires more than simply pitching a tent.

Luckily, Colorado is full of experts on the recreational endeavor, including camping guru Gil Folsom, author of Colorado Campgrounds: The 100 Best and All the Rest (Westcliffe $24.95).

Once they've got the basics down, camping enthusiasts typically gravitate to a specific type of site.

Some prefer remote locations that can only be reached through long hikes.

Others like the luxury of staying in campgrounds that cater to RV owners.

Best campground for RVers:

"With a 1,000-acre lake in a valley only a few miles from the Continental Divide, Steamboat Lake is one of the crown jewels of the state park system," Folsom says. Nearly half of the park's 198 sites offer electrical hookups, and Folsom says the campground can accommodate most RVs.

He also gives high marks to Redstone, a scenic gem providing modern facilities and sites with electrical and water hookups.
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San Diego CA, to Restrict RV Access at Popular Day-Use Area

Location, location, location.

The adage is a lifestyle for a community of San Diegans who live in their motor homes and constantly seek out the best spots to park.

"People like me who get away without paying rent anger people in this city," said Jeff Rodgers, 61, who for the past five years has parked his motor home at Shelter Island by day.

Their options have just been reduced on Shelter Island, where many have congregated for years for the free daytime parking along the water's edge. Most move on to nearby places that allow overnight parking and return first thing the next morning.

But some businesses have complained that oversized vehicles are taking spaces from customers and establishing unwanted encampments.

For the past few months, the Unified Port of San Diego has posted signs in the area showing hours at Shelter Island Shoreline Park from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. This week, the San Diego Port Commission voted to expand the boundaries of the park to include nearby spots popular with motor homes and others.
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Boomers are Taking to CA Roads in Comfort and Style

It's popularity has been growing despite the high price of gas. Like gas prices, there's no sign of the recreation vehicle boom letting up, thanks to baby boomers heading into retirement with plenty of expendable income and the desire to hit the wide open roads.

Driving around with a big house is big business to the communities the motorists pull into and the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe Californa regions are no exception.

"We take shorter trips. But this is an investment. We try to use it. You don't want to just park it in the garage," Al Schmidt said. The El Dorado Hills man came up to Tahoe for a few days with his wife and friends.

"We know more and more of our friends buying RVs," Sandy DeCourey said of the aging baby boomer crowd. "You feel safer with four walls."
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RV park owners sell $2,200 fifth wheel RV to settle $80 rent debt

The owners of Curd's RV Park in Searcy, Arkansas have been ordered to pay $5,000 to a pipeline worker and his wife whose camper was sold because they were $80 behind in rent.

Billy Myers of Tulsa, Okla. was working in the Searcy area and rented a lot for his fifth-wheel camper trailer at Curd's trailer park.

“I got sick and went home to the doctor on the 7th of January and my rent was due the 10th of January,” Myers said in a complaint filed in the small claims division of White County District Court, Searcy Division. “I had paid $180 plus a $100 deposit.”

Cruise America RV Rental offers Double-Fun Deals

Mesa, AZ – April 2007 – Cruise America RV Rental turns 35 this June, but the celebration is starting early at rental locations across the country. For 35 days leading up to the company’s 35th anniversary, customers can receive double the rental time at no extra charge on all weekend and weekly RV rentals. RVers who reserve a three-night motorhome rental can keep their motorhomes for six nights, while those who reserve a week will receive 14 nights of rental time.

This Double-Fun Deal is available on all new reservations for RV travel made between now and April 30. Customers can rent from any of Cruise America’s more than 130 nationwide rental locations, but must depart on one of the 35 days leading up to the company’s anniversary, May 1 through June 4, to receive the promotion.
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kentuckiana offers wealth of camping destinations

Finding a place to camp isn't a problem. Deciding where to camp is the issue as this area is blessed with great camping destinations.

What one considers a good camping destination depends on what the camper is looking for. It may be a campground with lots of amenities. It may be a park that is located close to other attractions, or it may be a place to enjoy nature's solitude. And with the current price of gasoline, many campers are looking for places closer to home.

Here are some destinations you might want to put on your list for this year's camping season.
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Motorhome Bus Conversion with stuff from the swap shop & dumpsters

Littleton, MA - Ever since Sean Slattery was a boy in Newton, he loved trash day. Or more precisely, the evening before, when his neighbors would put out the stuff they wanted hauled away.

He’s all grown up now, but continues to bring things home from the Littleton transfer station and remake them into household objects.

“It’s amazing what people throw out, especially here,” said Slattery. “Littleton seems to have really good trash.”

Perhaps his biggest find is a 35 foot long 1989 Thomas school bus that he bought on eBay two years ago. He paid $2,000 for it, and another $750 to have it delivered to his house on a flatbed truck. He said when the truck rolled up and tipped the bus off, the front end reached higher than the telephone wires on his street.

Sean bus, dubbed, The Seeker, is fully converted to a motor home now, a process that took a year and a half on weekends and an hour here and there during the week. The conversion cost only a few thousand dollars—mostly the cost of tools—since almost everything he used came from the swap shop or the dumpsters. Sean Slattery's Website
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Woodalls Prize Winner Gets $22,850 Pilgrim Travel Trailer

Entitled Win! With Woodall’s, the sweepstake’s grand prize winner, Walter Parker, will be awarded the grand prize at a celebratory event on Monday, May 14 at 10:30 a.m. at Hayden’s RV, located at 8910 Burge Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.

Parker selected the specific model of his winning trailer, Pilgrim model 278RLSS. The trailer features a rear living room design with large picture windows across the back and an extra large slide-out in the living area, expanding the living space to a full 11 feet.
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Chevy-Workhorse Class C Chassis Sales Up

The Chevy-Workhorse Class C chassis grew its market share a substantial 10 percent from February 2006 to February 2007. Officials from GM and Workhorse Custom Chassis expect that share will continue to rise in 2007.

The co-branded cutaway chassis was launched in November 2004 at the National RV Trade Show as a 14,050 lb. GVWR vehicle. That transition went well enough that General Motors and Workhorse announced at the November 2005 show that 9,600 and 12,300 lb. GVWR models would also become Chevy-Workhorse vehicles.

“This cutaway chassis jibes very well with the customer-driven improvements we incorporate in our Class A chassis,” said Bill Walmsley, Workhorse RV marketing manager. “Its ride and handling characteristics are excellent. It also has a lot of driver-friendly features, from easy-to-find fluid fills to a front bumper step that helps you clean the windshield.

“Put simply, it’s made with the RVer, not the truck driver, in mind. The roomy cab alone is a big plus. Just sit in the competitor’s cab and then sit in ours and decide which you’d want to spend time traveling in. That seals the deal right there.”
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Winter is gone, carbon monoxide isn’t

ROCKFORD IL, — A toddler’s death in a motorhome this weekend from carbon monoxide poisoning is a reminder that the odorless, colorless gas is a year-round threat, Frank Schmitt of the Rockford Fire Department said Monday.

The toxic gas typically takes the spotlight during winter, when furnaces are cranked and windows are tightly sealed. But it’s just as easily inhaled during the spring and summer, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Grills, idling cars, water heaters and other appliances that run on fossil fuels can leak carbon monoxide fumes if not properly maintained, said Schmitt, the department’s fire prevention division chief. Sometimes springtime pleasures can turn deadly.

That was the case Sunday in rural Stephenson County, when carbon monoxide seeped through the floor of a family’s motor home while they slept. Stephenson County sheriff’s deputies blame a leak in the exhaust system of the motor home’s gasoline generator for poisoning Alexzander M. Huenefeld, 2, and sickening his family.
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RVers Keeping up with gas prices

Gas prices shot to record highs Monday, sending shock waves through local recreational vehicle parks as snowbirds flock back to Oregon's Rogue Valley at the start of the summer driving season.

"I can't think of anybody that's happy with it," said Cliff Wade, whose hat summed up his enthusiasm for his motor home lifestyle — "Life on Wheels."

The 59-year-old considers Medford his hometown but winters in Yuma, Ariz. Wade said he and other motor home operators constantly scan the Internet and check with each other to find the best prices on fuel as they cruise the interstates.

Diesel fuel, which is used in many motor homes, is $3 on average, down almost 50 cents from its historic peak last August.

Still, the high prices are hitting people in the wallet, particularly Wade, who gets about 7.8 miles per gallon on a tank of diesel that costs almost $400 to fill up.

Roger and Janice Brooks, who drove up from Parkland, Fla., said they've worked hard all their lives running an ornamental nursery business that they now operate out of their RV.

"I didn't work all my life to worry about fuel prices," said 61-year-old Brooks, who hauls 65 feet of motor home and trailer on the interstate.

Janice, who said she can keep a close eye on her business from the computer inside her RV, said, "The desire to travel has been our dream and we can't let it go."
Full Story & Photos...

County takes no action to support campgrounds

RAPID CITY, SD - After hearing from both sides of the debate over proposed improvements to the Custer State Park campgrounds, the Pennington County Commission on Tuesday took no action in support of either side.

"There's really not a lot we can do. Certainly, I'm not opposed to improvements at the state park but on an equal basis," he said. "Make the playing field somewhat level, somehow."

Private campground owners oppose a plan to extend electricity to 300 of 357 campsites in the state park and to add 50 rustic cabins, because it would put the park's campgrounds into direct competition with the private sector.
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tornado damage closes Lewis & Clark State campground

Heavy damage from tornadoes on Saturday have forced the main campground at the Lewis & Clark State Recreation Area north of Crofton, Neb., to close indefinitely.

The Weigand Area Campground is closed to camping and day use until at least May 23, park officials announced. They are hopeful that the area will be open for Memorial Day weekend.

If you have reservations between May 8 and 23, you will be contacted by the Reservation Call Center in order to transfer your reservation to another date.

RV culture includes minivacations in maximized ‘camping’ vehicles

When Stephen C. Tonken hits the road, he doesn’t rough it.

On weekends, the Webster, MA, resident and his wife, Patricia, drive usually no more than 60 miles from home, park their fancy RV — with carpeting, air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV (with cable) — near a beach, lake or casino. And they relax.

“This isn’t camping,” said Mr. Tonken, 57, president of the Massachusetts chapter of the Winnebago-Itasca Travelers owners club.

For RVers, a devoted community of more than 8 million U.S. households who own what used to be called “motor homes” and are now commonly known as recreational vehicles (and to their owners, “rigs”), their lifestyle combines the comforts of home with the freedom of the road.

RV people refer to traditional campers, with some disdain, as “tenters.”

Instead of coping with mosquitoes, air mattresses and sleeping bags, the modern RV generation enjoys king-size beds, gas fireplaces, full bathrooms, Euro-style fixtures complete with full-size refrigerators and stoves, and even saunas.
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Homeowner, Town In Costly Clash Over Parking Of RVs

For years, the front driveway of Doris Fillion's Unionville, Connecticut, home was a year-round storage lot for her recreational vehicles - travel trailer, motor home and trailered boat.

With the vehicles visible from the street, no one, not even the town, Fillion says, ever complained - despite a zoning ordinance banning long-term parking of RVs in front yards.

That is until late 2003, when a falling out with a former neighbor spun her into a head-on collision with the town's RV-parking rule. Since then, Fillion has waged a mostly solitary and unsuccessful battle all the way to state court, burdening local taxpayers with more than $35,000 in legal costs as she contests application of the ordinance to her vehicles.
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Monday, May 07, 2007

National Park Fee Hikes Questioned

A four-year program to increase national parks entrance fees and make them more uniform could discourage many Americans from visiting their national parks — especially parks that are close to home, some parks boosters say.

The federal government's move in January to replace the National Park Service's $50 annual pass with a new $80 multi-agency pass is also drawing fire.

The National Parks Conservation Association, a non-partisan group that lobbies on behalf of national parks, recently called on Congress to allow the park service to bring back the less expensive pass, which allowed free entry to the 145 parks that charge fees. Another 246 national park sites do not have entrance fees.

The new America the Beautiful Pass can be used at about 2,000 recreation sites operated by the park service, the U.S. Forest Service and several other federal agencies.

Meanwhile, the number of visitors to the national parks has been falling.
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Mohave County, AZ, may let California RV dealer hold shows in Bullhead City

KINGMAN - Mohave County supervisors will again discuss a permit to hold two recreation vehicle shows at Davis Camp.

La Mesa RV wants to hold two RV sales shows at South Beach from Nov. 22 to Dec. 4 and from Feb. 13-26, 2008.

Bullhead City and Laughlin recreational vehicle dealerships previously opposed permits for the San Diego-based recreational vehicle dealership because of the economic impact to local RV dealers.

The controversy started when the county supervisors approved a permit for La Mesa RV to hold a January 2005 show at Davis Camp.
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Survey: Gas Prices Reach Record Average

CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) -- Gasoline prices have surged to a record nationwide average of $3.07 per gallon, nearly 20 cents higher than two weeks earlier, oil industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday. The previous record was $3.03 per gallon on Aug. 11, 2006.

But despite inventory fears that have sent prices higher, there are signs that the rising prices at the pump may be peaking.

Despite prices at the pump climbing past the $3 mark, analysts have said the inventory fears can only go so far, as evidenced by recent declines in oil and gas futures. Retail prices generally lag the futures markets, so consumers can end up paying more for gas even as futures prices drop.

Gasoline futures for June delivery have dropped in the last week, falling 3.12 cents Friday to settle at $2.2164 a gallon on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
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Winter Texans watch as lawmakers weigh property tax exemption for RVs

Winter Texans don't think it's fair to slap property tax bills on RVs the northern retirees drive to the sunny Rio Grande Valley every year, and the latest effort to appease them is pending in the Texas Legislature.

Lawmakers have twice passed bills that would exempt travel trailers from property taxes, and voters twice approved constitutional amendments toward that end. But Cameron and Hidalgo counties, with the state's highest concentration of winter residents, found loopholes to keep the money coming.

Supporters of the exemption say the RVs shouldn't be subject to property taxes because they aren't real property and aren't permanently affixed to their lots. They say trailer park owners already pay property taxes and trailer owners pay sales tax on their vehicle, amounting to triple taxation. They also believe Winter Texans shouldn't be taxed the same way residents are because they can't vote there.
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Couple finds 'last RV' at Camper & RV Show

Jim and Denise Brewer are no strangers to RVing. Their first recreation vehicle was a miniature pop-up trailer, built to tow behind their motorcycle; their "last RV" is a luxurious fifth-wheel travel trailer, built to carry their motorcycle. With four other RVs in between, and over 30 years of camping experience, the Brewers knew what they wanted in their ultimate RV.
Full Story & Photos...
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Holiday Trails Resorts to Manage Vancouver Island Campground

Kevin Demers, founder of Canadian owned Holiday Trails Resorts, the largest RV resort membership system in Canada recently announced that Holiday Trails Resorts will be managing Cumberland’s Lake Park Campground. He stated, “This opportunity to manage such a beautiful park on Vancouver Island is one that fits with the direction and expansion of Holiday Trails Resorts. We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our RV resort membership system.”

The Holiday Trails Resorts’ three-year management plan includes operating, maintaining, marketing and investing in this campground. Contingent on appropriate permits, Holiday Trails Resorts will agree to upgrade the facilities, to create a day use area, improve the launch area and expand the number of full service camping sites. They will also create an environmentally sustainable waterfront recreational area. With over 25 years of campground management experience Holiday Trails Resorts brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in campground service.
Full Story...
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Survey Finds RV Owners Admit to a Mistake or Two on the Open Road

Leaving a Rest Stop Without Your Significant Other and Driving Off With the Steps Extended

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE May 2007)--The morning starts out like most do in your RV – traveling down a quiet highway with a hearty breakfast under your belt and a good cup of coffee within reach when you realize that blowing white thing behind you is your now-shredded awning, the bang you heard earlier was your toad coming unhooked, and the spider crack from the rock that hit your windshield is growing, a lot. You signed up for adventure, but not this much! Don’t worry. You’re not alone according to an online survey recently conducted by The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies that found that life on the open road can sometimes get bumpy.
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Boy dead, family ill after carbon monoxide leak in RV

A two year old boy is dead and three other members of his family extremely ill after authorities say a gas leak from a generator discharged carbon monoxide inside a camper at a rural Stephenson County, IL, campground.
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

2007 Version of Iowa's Outdoor Adventure Guide Available

The New 2007 Iowa Association of County Conservation Board's Guide To Outdoor Adventure is now in full color! It is 230 pages of information on 1,722 areas covering approximately 176,385 acres managed by County Conservation Boards. The full color guide includes a map of each county with the area shaded in or a pinpoint of the location, and has information on cabin rental, camping, shelters, playgrounds, swimming, fishing, boating, boat rental, sports and fields, hunting, nature centers, prairies, historic sites, wildlife exhibits, golf courses and more!

If you would like the 2007 version of the guide, pictured above, send check or money order for $12 per copy (includes shipping) to IACCB, 405 SW 3rd St., Suite 1, Ankeny, IA 50023. Office hours are 8:00am-12:00pm, Tuesday-Friday, 515/963-9582.

Yellowstone: a Breathtaking Adventure by RV

So there we were.

Me. My husband. My parents. A slightly used motor home. And a 135-pound Great Dane.

Just call us the Griswolds.

The five of us — and, yes, in my parents' mind, the dog definitely was included in every head count — were off to Yellowstone National Park. Just as so many millions of families have done before us, we were set on navigating the mountains, admiring the wildlife and enjoying the balmy July days of Wyoming.

We had dreams of geysers, grizzly bears and great family fun.
Full Story...
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Extreme RV Built From Garbage Truck?

How would you like to travel about, touring the continent or the entire world in an RV made from a garbage truck? I’m pretty sure that when you went looking for your RV... be it a motorhome, fifth wheel or trailer... you were not trying to find one with a trash truck demeanor.

Someone asked Snopes if what they heard and saw pictures of could really be true. Was it a rumor or fact that someone had seen an RV that looked like a trash truck?
Full Story & photos...
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Oregon Gas Prices Hit All-Time High: Little Impact on Local Tourism

The average price of regular unleaded gasoline in Oregon was $3.33 Friday. This price was not only the third highest in the nation, but the highest recorded average in Oregon's history.

Yet a sampling of the local tourism industry, which is often impacted by the price of fuel, showed stability, but also caution.

"We don't know what it's going to do," Driftwood RV Park co-owner Roger Thompson said of the rising prices. "During summer, a lot people are coming out from Grants Pass, Klamath Falls and Medford. With prices being over three dollars a gallon, it makes a change."

Thompson's wife, Loretta, co-owner of the park, said gas prices won't stop RVers from visiting, but it may have an effect on the number of trips or miles traveled.

To illustrate, she used an example of a family from Medford coming to the area in their RV.

"Instead of coming over from Medford three times, they'll come over once and stay a little longer," she said.
Full Story...
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Battered Mt. Rainier National Park to Reopen

Visitors are likely to be shocked by what they see.

ASHFORD, WA -- The longest weather-related closure in the history of Mount Rainier National Park ends Saturday when the Nisqually entrance gate swings open to what is bound to be an eager yet shocked public.

For the first time since a November flood ravaged the bridges, roads, trails, electrical and sewer lines, and historic buildings in the 108-year-old park, visitors will have a chance to see what rivers can do when they are fed by 18 inches of rain in two days.

While one of the park's main roads, the Nisqually Road to Longmire, the national park headquarters of Mount Rainier, was rebuilt in places and repaired in others, damage from the flood-swollen Nisqually River and Kautz Creek still is evident less than one mile from the gate.

"I'm just amazed. Shocked, really. It's like a big, powerful hand wiped it right out," said Dorothy Walsh of Olympia, who has visited the park and Sunshine Point Campground for 30 years.

A volunteer, she gazed Friday at the campsite's remnant -- a forlorn island beneath fallen trees, framed by a now-slender Nisqually and immense boulders.

"The rivers, the logs, the trees -- it's reminiscent of what happened at St. Helens," she said.
Full Story & Photos...

Springtime at the Campground is like a Family Reunion.

Doug McGaffey listed things he did during the winter and this spring: remodeled the store, trimmed trees, switched on electricity, turned on the water, cleaned the grounds, went to expos, cleaned the Santa suit.

Yup, he was ready for the first day of camping at Shades of Sherwood Campground in Rochester, MN.

McGaffey, who manages the campground with his wife, Mary, was primed, pumped and excited last Friday as the season began. As he talked about the preparations, he kept glancing outside, seeing seasonal campers drive through and hoping to see the first of those who have a site for the first weekend.

"It's exciting because people are coming back, and you know the season is beginning," he said. It's like a family reunion.
Full Story...
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Friday, May 04, 2007

Get Ready for Camping This Summer Season with's Campground and RV Park Guide

POLLOCK PINES, CA (PRWEB) May 3, 2007 --'s Campground and RV Park Guide (ISBN 0971874263) will help you and your dog scout out the best places to camp when traveling with your four legged companions. The book includes descriptions of public and private campgrounds including pet policies and restrictions. It tells you which parks have trails, beaches and activities that allow dogs so that you may select campgrounds that can accommodate your entire family. Thousands of dog-friendly public and private campgrounds are described and details pet policies such as fees, breed restrictions, other restrictions, cabin and tent pet policies and other information. And this book identifies nearly 500 camping cabins where your dog is welcome.'s Campground and RV Park guide also includes everything that the traveler with a dog needs to supplement a campground directory. It includes highway guides showing campgrounds along the major Interstates by city and exit so that you can plan for each night's stopover. It includes off-leash dog park listings, pet-friendly beach listings and a complete guide to all U.S. National Parks for people traveling with dogs.

The book is available at many bookstores, and at most online booksellers.

Fleetwood Closes Canadian RV Travel Trailer Plant

Employees of recreational vehicle maker, Fleetwood Enterprises Inc., in Lindsay, Ont., will be losing their jobs as company announced Wednesday it is closing the plant there as of July 25 2007.

There are currently 315 employees at the Lindsay plant located about 100 kilometres northeast of Toronto.

The plant, in operation since 1972, builds RV trailers for the Canadian market under the brands Pioneer, Mallard, Terry, Lynx, Prowler and Dakota.

A Fleetwood executive said the Canadian market will now be served by U.S. plants.

Fleetwood said it is closing its Lindsay plant - its only operation in Canada - and one in Campbellsville, Ky., to save costs and fully utilize production capacity at other locations.

Fleetwood has closed several plants and moved one to Mexico as is tries to regain profitability in a competitive market.
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Fleetwood's 100,000th Diesel Motorhome Delivered to Lazydays

Fleetwood RV, a leading producer of recreational vehicles, today announced the presentation of the 100,000th diesel motorhome from its Decatur, Ind. motor home manufacturing facility to Lazydays RV SuperCenter (“Lazydays”) in Tampa, Fla.

The milestone coach, a 2008 American Eagle 45H, was presented to John Horton, CEO of Lazydays, by Chuck Wilkinson, General Manager of Fleetwood Motor Homes of Indiana; Justin Humphreys, Director of Sales for American Coach; and Dave Cheney, National Director of Sales for Fleetwood Motor Homes.
Full Story...
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RVIA Survey Shows RV Travel Will Rise This Spring/Summer

Despite fluctuating fuel prices, the latest biannual Campfire Canvass survey of RV owners, conducted by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), reveals that 76 percent of RV owners intend to use their RVs more this spring/summer than last year, and 20 percent plan to use theirs the same amount. Only 4 percent say they’ll use their RVs less.

Nearly half (48 percent) say fuel costs will not affect their RV travel plans. Of those who said their plans would be affected, 60 percent will adjust to higher fuel prices by traveling to destinations closer to home. Fifty-six percent said they’d stay longer in one place.

“Americans love RVs because they provide freedom, flexibility and control,” says Richard Coon, president of RVIA. “Whether RV owners travel five or 500 miles, they enjoy all the amenities and benefits that RVing offers.”
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Motorhome Chassis Maker, Spartan Motors, Has Record Quarter

Motorhome Chassis maker Spartan Motors Inc. today reported record first-quarter earnings and sales, and reported it will add three manufacturing facilities.

The Charlotte, Michigan based company posted profits of $7.2 million for the first three months of 2007, up from $4.5 million a year ago. Sales were $143 million, compared to $103.7 million in the first quarter of 2006.

Spartan reported that its order backlog is up more than 37 percent, the largest in its history, prompting the addition of production capacity.

However, Spartan, the leading supplier of motorhome chassis, does have concerns about the effect of fuel prices on the RV market.
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Hiking Michigan campground fees would be small cost with big benefits

You may be paying a bit more to camp in state forest areas. But in this case, it appears you'll be helping out Michigan's financially troubled state forest system.

The state may impose higher camping fees to continue operating.

Campers in state forests - which generally have more rustic campgrounds than those in state parks - likely will see the cost increase this month from $10 to at least $15 a night.

The new fees have not been officially approved yet, but the Department of Natural Resources will be increasing some of them, according to statements from Rebecca Humphries, director of the department. It's her decision to make at a Natural Resources Commission meeting May 10.

If she approves the increase, it would take effect May 14.

State forest camping fees were last increased in 2001.
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South Dakota County may weigh in on campgrounds issue

RAPID CITY - Though it frowned on reducing private campgrounds' property taxes last month, the Pennington County Commission is considering whether to offer its two cents on proposed improvements to Custer State Park campgrounds.

Private campgrounds oppose a plan to extend electricity to 300 of 357 campsites in the state park and the addition of 50 rustic cabins because, they say, it would put the park's campgrounds into direct competition with the private sector.

Al Johnson, who owns two campgrounds in Pennington County at Palmer Gulch near the state park, said the proposed park improvements impact business opportunities for private campgrounds such as his.

Commissioner Gale Holbrook said the commission might consider passing a resolution supporting the private campground owners but he needs more information before making a decision.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Georgie Boy Redesigns Pursuit Motorhome for 2007

RV manufacturer Georgie Boy® completely redesigned the Pursuit® Class A for 2007 to make it the perfect gas motorhome for those RVers who use their coaches for the short trip or weekend getaway.

"We listened to our customers about what they want in a gas motorhome. We used that information to develop a package of floorplans, features and options that make Pursuit different from other motorhomes and a more user-friendly choice," said Jim McConnell, general manager of Georgie Boy. "This is a very affordable motorhome with a MSRP beginning at $90,000, making it ideal for a young couple or a young family seeking that weekend getaway RV."

All five Pursuit models feature huge pass-through exterior storage — 100 to 148 cubic feet, depending on the model. A switch on the inside of the coach lights up that exterior storage, making after dark searches easier. The storage is accessed by stamped aluminum, bus-style baggage doors, a feature often found only on more expensive coaches.
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