Saturday, September 29, 2007

High-end Travel Trailer, Motorhome Sales Slow

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee,WI,USA
Just as baby boomers gear up for retirement, their plans of buying bigger, more expensive motor homes and travel trailers have been slowed by interest rates and nervousness about the economy.

Motor home sales fell between 8% and 12% late this summer compared with the same period in 2006, according to a new report from analyst Craig Kennison with Robert W. Baird & Co.

Travel-trailer sales improved, up 5% to 8%, as consumers showed a preference for smaller, less expensive units.

Baird researchers surveyed 161 motor home and travel trailer dealers for their views on the current marketplace and 2008. One of the top concerns was tighter consumer financing.

Motor home and travel trailer sales are strongest early in an economic growth cycle when interest rates are low and consumer confidence is improving. Sales languish when the cost of borrowing money rises and the economy sputters.
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RVer Fined for Failing to Declare Handgun

Nova News Now - New Minas,Nova Scotia,Canada
A church leader from Alabama was fined in provincial court Thursday after failing to declare that he was traveling with a gun when he and his wife rolled off the Cat ferry in Yarmouth in their motor home on Tuesday.

The gun that border agents found inside the American tourist’s motorhome was a .357-calibre Magnum handgun. It was located inside an overhead compartment.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

High Pressure Cleans RV Holding Tanks

Dan Hylle knows firsthand the enjoyment that comes from living the recreation-vehicle lifestyle.

Hylle also knows the smells, gnats and frustrations that sometimes come along for the ride.

So when he came across an opportunity to offer a service to clean RV holding tanks, he grabbed it and started All Pro Water-Flow Central Florida.

The business, a partnership-cooperative with Colorado Springs-based inventor Preston Hall, cleans RV and boat holding tanks with a high-pressure water system.

After dealing with the same problem, Hall, the Colorado inventor, decided to take the tools he used in his 35 years as a plumber to his holding tanks.

He found the buildup with a fiber-optic camera, then used a high-pressure water hose, spraying at 1,500 to 6,000 pounds per square inch, to blast it away.

"I've never gotten as excited about an business opportunity in my life," Hylle said.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FreedomRoads/Camping World Acquires Bodily RV Center

FreedomRoads & Camping World, America’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, today announced that it has acquired Bodily RV Center, establishing itself in Idaho and strengthening its market penetration in the Northwest United States, a region with numerous natural attractions and a major draw for RVers.

This acquisition gives the company a stronghold on the Idaho market. With two existing locations including one in the Boise area and in Idaho Falls, Bodily RV Center has in excess of $45 million in annual revenues and is the dominant RV retailer in the state. It has a 30 year track record of excellence in customer service, with highly experienced staffs, top technicians and substantial inventories giving customers a wide selection of models and features. Bodily RV Center boasts top selling manufacturers such as Fleetwood, Keystone, Winnebago and Coachmen. It was recently recognized by the Idaho Statesman as one of the states top 75 private companies and has been honored with a number of industry awards.
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Campers Looking at End of an Era.

Victoria,British Columbia,Canada
At the waterfront campground in Jordan River, provided by Western Forest Products, tourists lazed in the sun yesterday, taking in the spectacular ocean views and watching a passing whale.

But campers and surfers, who prize the waves that roll onto the pebbled beaches, are looking at the end of an era.

The area containing the campground, the West Coast Surfing Associates huts, beaches, headlands and surrounding hills are up for sale.
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Adrenaline Blast & Surge Toy Hauler RVs Go Platinum

Adrenaline RV continues to enhance its Blast™ and Surge™ toy haulers to make them even more appealing to outdoor enthusiasts. The latest change is the addition of a Platinum Package. This new package gives the Blast and Surge haulers an aggressive new look with platinum ribbed aluminum sidewalls, black awning and black trim pieces.

Adrenaline introduced the Platinum Package on a Surge toy hauler at its Dealer Seminar this past summer. "The reviews from the dealers were so positive that we decided to extend the Platinum Package to both the Blast and Surge product lines," said Lawton Tinley, president of the Adrenaline division. "The silver skin with the black trim makes the trailers look substantially different than other products on the market. This will appeal to the enthusiast who wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd."
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RV Cooking Show Takes You There and Feeds You Well

A full-time RVer with a passion for food, fun and RVing, Evanne Schmarder, owner of Roadabode Productions, proudly introduces the RV Cooking Show - Part travelogue, part cooking show, each less-than-10-minute episode - filmed in her RV kitchen - shares travel tips, ideas and recommendations on popular RVing locales and products then walks viewers through the preparation of a delicious destination-related dish. Past episodes include a tour of Albuquerque's 505 Chili Factory and Huevos Rancheros.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ultra Light Travel Trailers Selling Well for Coachmen

For the first six months of 2007, retail sales of the redesigned Captiva Ultra-Lite trailer are up 138 percent over the same period in 2006. The Capri Micro trailer, which was just introduced this year, is also experiencing rapid growth. Coachmen's combined ultra light travel trailer sales are up nearly 61 percent, with nearly 1,000 retail unit sales since the first of the year. The booming sales of ultra lights have boosted Coachmen’s total retail sales of travel trailers by more than 23 percent, which is significantly outpacing the 5.6 percent increase in travel trailer sales for the industry.

What makes the Captiva Ultra-Lite and the Capri Micro ultra lights so popular is the fact that many light duty SUVs and pickups can tow them. In fact, many mini vans and crossover vehicles are amply rated to tow the Capri Micro trailer.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Lonely Allegro Motorhome Now Proud, Blue

The deserted 1983 Tiffin Allegro motorhome sat in a field near a home in La Vergne, so long that a small tree had grown through one of its entry steps. Its carpet was rotted; its brown paneling and dash were woefully out of style; its tires were toast — and those were only a few of its problems.

In the summer of 2004 Sperry Randolph drove past the 30-foot motorhome, and, as he was already in the habit of seeing things as they could be, he figured the old RV had potential. He returned to his home in Murfreesboro, told his son, Trey, about it, and the two of them visited the old motorhome to see if it was worth salvaging. Before long, a wrecker truck was hauling their decrepit prize back home with them.

As the months rolled on, the old Tiffin became "Miss Allie". The completed Miss Allie debuted in all her glory in October 2006 at an MTSU football game, and has since proved her mettle in towing a bass boat and the family's golf cart on a matching blue trailer.

Miss Allie's final cost was approximately $5,000. The Randolphs paid $1,300 for the coach itself, and spent the rest of the money on upgrades. The motorhome now is flashy and clean, shiny and welcoming. She can accommodate a party of up to 12.
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Nevada State Recreation Area gets More RV Sites

Construction under way for more than two months at the Big Bend State Recreation Area on Laughlin, Nevada's south side has progressed to where improvements are visible.

The first thing visitors and residents will see as part of the $7 million expansion and improvement project is a new entry station at which fees will be paid and a new gate going down a now-paved road and parking lot to the Overlook Point day use area.

Come November, a 24-superspace recreational vehicle campground is due to open.

Known as Loop 2, the new RV campground will provide a pad, barbecue, fire ring, ramada, utility connections and a level space for a tent at each space, plus dump stations for the vehicle's water and sewer tanks to be emptied.

There also will be shower-restroom building with two coin-operated showers and four restrooms fronted by three ADA spaces, all served by paved roads. But the campground will be almost unseen from the nearby Needles Highway as most of the brush trees were left in place to provide a natural setting.
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More than a Motorhome

For years, Kevin Boyle bought motor home after motor home to travel to his sons' motocross races.

But the motor homes never lived up to Boyle's expectations. They didn't sleep enough people. They didn't have enough water stored in them. And they were always breaking down.

He even bought a diesel pusher bus, which is powered by a diesel engine in the rear of the vehicle. That didn't suit his needs either. There was never enough beds or water in the vehicles.

What Boyle, of Naperville, finally realized after years of disappointment, is he needed a different kind of motor home, a custom coach built on a tractor-trailer chassis.
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Friday, September 14, 2007

Portions of National Forest May Close

In an effort to deal with shrinking budgets, Los Padres National Forest in California is examining ways to cut back on maintenance in the coming years by reducing seasons of use and closing a few recreation areas.

At the same time, the U.S. Forest Service is hoping to improve high-use campgrounds and bring in outside companies to run popular destinations.

"We are looking at less money so we have to find other ways of doing business," said Ken Kunert, landscape architect and recreation planner for Los Padres forest. "The objective is to bring developed recreation programs to a sustainable level."

Across the country, forests are undergoing similar "Recreation Facility Analyses" that critics fear could result in fewer recreation opportunities for the public as well as a privatization of the public resource. The reduced funding comes at a time when Los Padres forest officials expect visitor rates to increase by as much as 50 percent over the next few decades.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Devil's Fork State Park Combines Forest, Lake and Mountains

Off Highway 11 between Walhalla and Pickens sit thousands of acres of land and miles upon miles of lake coastline. The park is Devil's Fork State Park and the lake is Lake Jocassee, a gem nestled in the shade of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lake Jocassee and Devil's Fork State Park are perfect backdrops for a simple day trip or camping. With so much water space and activities for all ages, Jocassee is an ideal setting.

The Devil's Fork campground houses dozens of state-of-the-art camping areas.

The most popular camping spots, of course, are those just a few feet from the water.

Each of the 25 tent sites has a grill and centralized water source, along with toilets and showers that are open to everyone. They are $14 to $15 per night and can be reserved through the park office.

RVers can choose among 59 sites with water and electric hookups.
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RV Lifestyle TV Show for the Web

She's going around the country in a recreational vehicle, interviewing people and promoting a book about a woman who runs away from her husband in - you guessed it - an RV.

But Peggy Grich is doing just the opposite with her husband, Jim. They're traveling together, producing a Web TV show together and sharing, day and night, the equivalent of a small one-bedroom apartment, except on wheels.

"It's a good thing we get along," Peggy says. "We do well as a team."

She is leaving behind her job as public information officer for Brunswick Community College. Jim, a Web designer, is bringing his job on board.

Their current show, American RVer, already has two sponsors and 17,000 individual viewers a month, Peggy says. It's featured on a Web site and can also be downloaded into iPods.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Jersey RV Club is Driven by a Common Bond

Cathy Mastej is only 5 feet, ½ inch tall, but she's definitely not height-challenged.

Earlier this year, the Teaneck woman bought herself a Tiffin Allegro Bay motor home that's over 13 feet high -- and, even more impressive, 34 feet long and 8 feet wide. And though she recently took her mom along on a road trip to Colorado, Mastej usually goes solo.

Mastej is a pioneer member of the freshly formed New Jersey chapter of Tiffin's Allegro Club -- an organization of owners of Class A Tiffin motor homes who plan monthly "camp outs," where members meet up at an agreed-upon destination.

The Garden State contingent of seven families is about to embark on their second venture -- to Lake George, N.Y. On their maiden voyage, to Lancaster, Pa., in July, the group included Dominick and Margo DeMartino of Dumont, who have owned their 35-foot Allegro for 9½ years and love the freedom it affords.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Badge of Honor? RV Buyers, Beware.

Note from Steven... Greg Gerber, editor of wrote an editorial I think should be of interest to All RVers but especially those who are in the market for a new RV. Part of his column follows...
Although it would be highly illegal for an RV dealer to attempt the same trick, apparently manufacturers are able to get it done. And that’s the concept of “rebadging” units.

Here’s how it works. A dealer in Texas receives a 2007 model in the fall of 2006. The manufacturer’s 2008 models come out mid-year. But, in September when the Texas dealer still can’t sell the 2007 model, he triggers a buy back under the terms of his dealer agreement. The 2007 model winds up back on the manufacturer’s lot.

Unable to move the model to anyone else and unwilling to discount it further, the manufacturer eventually brings the unit into the shop, pulls off the VIN, reissues the number and presto, a new 2008 model is born. New paperwork is issued and the unit shipped to an unsuspecting dealer.
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Good deeds repaid with flood-recovery help

Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

ELBA -- On the wild black night of Aug. 18-19 when the Whitewater River vaulted out of its banks, Mark Thoreson helped save the lives of several campers at Lazy "D" Trail Rides and Campground south of Elba.

Since then, he said risking his life in the swift Whitewater has been more than paid back by the generosity of campers and friends. "Disasters like this bring out the best in people," said Thoreson, who owns the campground with his wife, Betty.

Hundreds of people have shown up, usually without notice, to pitch in clearing trees out of the area, sometimes cart off crushed travel trailers or fifth-wheels, hauling out gravel or bringing food.

Because of the help, the Thoresons think they will be open again next spring.
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'Quality-of-life issue' clashes with RV owners' rights

As Bilal Abdullah drove around the streets near his Clairemont home, it occurred to him that San Diego is missing an opportunity to make some easy money.

He thinks the city should fine all the owners of recreational vehicles and motor homes left on city streets for weeks on end in violation of a 72-hour parking limit.

“It's unbelievable that nobody does anything,” Abdullah said. “It just looks so trashy out there.”

In San Diego, the police unit responsible for enforcing the 72-hour rule receives as many as 200 complaints a day.

“I have six people who work for me,” said Sgt. Joe Bane, who heads the unit. “I could use another 30.”
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

FreedomRoads Acquires Bakersfield CA Venture Out RV

(BUSINESS WIRE)--FreedomRoads, LLC, the nation’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, today announced that it has acquired Venture Out RV in Bakersfield, California adding to the fast growing retailer’s strong presence in the market.

This area of California is an important market for the company. FreedomRoads operates several dealerships in the area including Stier’s RV Centers in Bakersfield, Stier’s RV Center of Ventura, Stier’s RV Center of Valencia, Stier’s Camperland, as well as a stand alone Stier’s RV Collision Center in Bakersfield. The dealership is co-located with a Camping World, which itself has a strong presence in the state with ten stores and plans to open an eleventh store in Ventura. The new Camping World in La Mirada, Camping World RV Sales, also carries RV’s in addition to its normal line of 8,000 outdoor and RV accessory products.

Venture Out RV General Manager Bruce Harrigan said, “Being part of the FreedomRoads Dealer Network will allow us have the resources to bring RV consumers greater choice, a wide variety of financing, membership, insurance and other programs that we could not offer before. This will make Venture Out RV more attractive to those who are looking not only for great RV’s, but also value added products and services.”

Chairman and CEO of FreedomRoads and Camping World Marcus Lemonis commented, “The addition of Venture Out RV is another important step toward our dominance of this critically important and growing market. With all of the dealerships and Camping World stores we are brining the RV consumer unprecedented choice and convenience. This area is an RV shopping destination and our company is strengthening the appeal that much more with our continued growth here.”

The brisk expansion of FreedomRoads and Camping World business is well timed to respond to growing consumer demand as the outlook for the RV and RV supplies and accessories market burgeons, topping lists of US growth industries. A recent study by the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center found that one in 12 U.S. vehicle-owning households now own an RV. There are now 7.9 million households in the U.S. with a RV. This figure indicates a 58 percent rise in RV ownership since 1980. This study also anticipates similar growth in the future, thus providing the catalyst for additional FreeedomRoads and Camping World stores across the country.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Damon Boosts Power & Performance of 2008 Astoria Motorhome

Increased power and performance are driving the dramatic product enhancements consumers will see with the introduction of the 2008 Astoria diesel pusher from Damon. With the integration of a Cummins 340-horsepower ISB engine and an Allison 2500 MH six-speed transmission, the new model will be the highest powered Astoria ever.

With the power of 40 more horses than the 2007 model, the Astoria now delivers 660 foot/pounds of torque at 2600 RPMs. One of the most powerful products in the popular Cummins ISB line, this engine is also reputed to be one of the quietest diesel motorhome engines today.

The new high-power Cummins engine is complemented with the high performance Allison 2500 MH six-speed transmission. With its advanced electronic controls, Astoria’s new transmission is designed to get more out of the Cummins engine while putting more control to the wheels.
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Coachmen Testing Environmentally Friendly Motorhomes & Fifth Wheels

People attending the recent Coachmen® RV Group owners rally had an opportunity to see a full-size motorhome that is powered by biodiesel fuel and has an electrical system that operates on solar power.

They also got to view a Sportscoach® Elite™ diesel Class A that employs a hydrogen generating system to produce a portion of its fuel.

These are just two of the examples of how Coachmen RV Group is pursuing "green" technology for the next generation of its RVs.

"In a sea of sameness, creative and innovative floorplans and features are a must. But, this traditional innovation is not enough. Our designs must be forward thinking and beyond the conventional limits of creative — they must be environmentally friendly," said Michael R. Terlep, president of Coachmen RV Group. "A focus on green RVs is the right thing to do for the environment and the customer!"
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

County, City Ready for Campground Construction

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier - Waterloo,IA,USA
CEDAR FALLS --- Right now the high-end campground boasts nothing but clay, sand, a lake and 38-foot hole.

"The Cedar Falls Public Works are trying to put in sewer lines for all of North Cedar and had to dig a 38-foot hole to run the line. Hopefully in the next 30 days they will have the hole filled in," said Vern Fish, Black Hawk County Conservation director. "As soon as they are done filling the hole, we will start staking out the design."

The $1 million campground will include 55 full-service sites, each equipped with water, electricity and a sewer dump station. The grounds overlook Big Woods Lake and connect to the Big Woods Lake bike trail, which also ties into the metro's trail system. A bridge at the southwest corner of the lake completed a three-mile loop around the water.
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Plans for RV Campground Continue

Hagerstown Morning Herald - Hagerstown,MD,USA
Two local businessmen will continue to pursue plans to build an RV campground near Hancock, even after the Washington County Commissioners said they do not support the proposal, according to an attorney for the businessmen.

The campground would be a members-only facility that would be open from April to October.

Campers could bring travel trailers or temporary cabins onto the property for stays ranging from two days to eight months, according to current plans for the project.

Some commissioners said the applicants seemed to be trying to circumvent residential zoning requirements by calling the project a campground.

"My idea of camping, as one who camps a good bit, isn't 80 units stacked up against each other," Commissioner Kristin B. Aleshire said.
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Charter Equities, Inc. Completes First RV Dealership Acquisition

Charter Equities, Inc. (Pink Sheets: CEQI) announced today that it has launched its RV dealership consolidation acquisition plan with the acquisition of Saddleback Recreational Vehicles, Inc., a highly visible recreational vehicle dealer in Colton, California.

Saddleback operated from Irvine, California from 1991 before moving to its new, state-of-the-art, Colton dealership facility in 2006. Their new dealership includes a comfortable atmosphere and extensive service capabilities for the well-heeled RVer. With average annual sales of $24,938,000 the past four years, Saddleback has a recognized and well established presence in the RV dealership community.

Saddleback has exclusive marketing territories for the following products or manufacturers: 5th Wheel Trailers by Carriage, Inc.; Toyhaulers by Dutchman; Class C and Class A motorhomes by Gulfstream and Four Winds, a division of Thor, and luxury motorhomes by Foretravel. Saddleback’s website is at

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Charter, Saddleback will continue to be managed by Michael Sebastian as Dealer Principal of the Saddleback dealership. Mr. Sebastian, Saddleback’s owner and operator since 1991, exchanged 100% of the stock of Saddleback for 25,000,000 shares of Charter common stock and the commitment by Charter to additional working capital contributions to Saddleback for operations and future acquisitions.

The Saddleback acquisition is the first step in Charter’s new plan to consolidate the RV dealership industry through public ownership in the model of the franchised new car dealer industry consolidation led by AutoNation (NYSE:AN), Penske Auto Group (NYSE:PAG), Group 1 (NYSE:GPI), Sonic (NYSE:SAH), Asbury (NYSE:ABG) and Lithia (NYSE:LAD). “Once we digest this Saddleback acquisition, it is our goal with the leadership of Mike Sebastian to complete two to three other RV dealership acquisitions in the next twelve months and to aggregate in excess of $150,000,000 in revenues over time,” said Charter President Mat Curtner.

In addition to the Saddleback acquisition, Charter currently invests in, owns and manages real estate in the Phoenix market through its other subsidiaries, Charter Investment Properties, Inc. and Charter Media and Marketing, Inc. with a website at

Reopened Campsite Needs Campers To Spread The Word

Park rangers at Gulf Islands National Seashore in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, say the campsite shut down after Katrina is open again, but unfortunately not many people know about it. This holiday weekend campers filled up only about half of the more than 50 available lots. Rangers say creating a buzz could help bring the people in.

After 20 months as a FEMA trailer park, the campground reopened recently to tourists wanting to take advantage of the nature trails, bird watching, and fishing.

"We just opened back up the camp ground area the 23rd of April," said Park Ranger Pam Pierce. "So we've put the word out but it may be the people from other parts of the country don't know that we're back open."
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Fall Colors Signal End to Camping Season

SUMMIT COUNTY COLORADO - After a Labor Day Weekend camping trip in the mountains, Jeff Santos and his wife Amy were busy wrapping up their campsite and, likely, their summer camping season.

For campground host like Jim Shepard, it marks a time for something else.

"A little peace and quiet," said Shepard.

"We've been full since Memorial Weekend," said Shepard.

Now with the leaves turning, campgrounds will begin to close, except where Shepard works. They are staying open a little longer.
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RVs Enjoy America's beauty by Day, Wal-Mart by Night

Ah, freedom. The sweet call of the open road. Thousands answer it every summer when they climb into an RV and strike out, bound for windswept beaches, spacious skies, a brush with that purple mountain majesty. It's practically an American tradition.

But as the sun sets over the fruited plain, a steady stream of Winnebagos and other land yachts drops off the highway. Their drivers make a beeline for the nearest Wal-Mart, where they'll spend the night under the glow of parking lot lights instead of under the stars.

Welcome to camping at Wal-Mart. Armed with guides found on the Internet, folks with a wanderlust can now cruise from sea to shining sea, hopping from one Wally World parking lot to another.

"Everybody with an RV knows you can spend the night at Wal-Mart," said William Allie, a UPS driver from Roanoke, Virginia.
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Resorts Win in Gas Crunch

High gas prices are having a somewhat surprising impact at some Central Minnesota resorts.

It's attracting closer-to-home business instead of keeping families away.

That, combined with an early spring and a declining number of resorts for families to choose from, has kept business brisk this year at some area resorts.

The same was true a year ago, according to a survey about the 2006 season done by the Minnesota Resort & Campground Association.

Some resorts even saw an increase in boat rentals this summer among guests who wanted to avoid the expense of towing their own boat.

Jim DeRose, operator of Riverside Resort on the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes near Richmond, said high gas prices may reduce the distance vacationers are willing to travel. But that's a good thing because of the location of his resort.

But those reasons are having the opposite impact on business at Red Barn Resort in Sauk Centre.

Owner Dale Johnson's experience is more like the 22 percent of resort owners in the survey that said business started to slow last year and worsened this year because of gas prices.

His business is down 60-70 percent because it relies on out-of-state travelers. His largest customer base is families from Kansas City.

"Gas prices affect families, and families are what resorts are about," he said.
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Trying on RVs for Size

An RV - a recreational vehicle - is just that. A way to get away without having to shell out to much cash or spend your night sleeping on the ground.

But with different lifestyles and pocketbooks, there is no one-vehicle-fits-all solution.

There are the folding trailers, the travel trailers, the fifth-wheels and the motorhomes - something to suit every need and every budget.

Rod Brady, sales manager at Village RV, walked through the different vehicles.

"What someone decides to go with depends on their age group and what they would like to spend," said Brady.
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