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RVing in Mexico Tips & Information

Guest Author: Bill Bell
Taking a recreational vehicle into Mexico can lead to many different paradises, but if you're not prepared, the road can be paved with unnecessary trials and tribulations.

"Preparation is the key to safe recreational vehicle travel anywhere in North America but in Mexico it is vital to a safe and fun trip," says Dorothy Bell who recently launched an interactive Mexican RV web site at which assists RV travelers going to Mexico.

The site goes well beyond giving tips on road travel in Mexico by allowing visitors to see hundreds of RV sites in Mexico. There are at least two pictures of each of the over 400 RV sites listed.

"Given the wide diversity on the standards and quality of RV sites in Mexico, from fabulous to disastrous, that's very important," Bell said.

RV travel is one of the fastest-growing recreational activities in North America and in Mexico RVers are discovering that they can realize the wonders of Mexico for a fraction of the cost of resorts.

Bell and her family have been traveling by RV to Mexico since 1988, first making the trek in a Volkswagen Westphalia, then a 28-foot-trailer. Most recently she circumnavigated the entire coastline of Mexico in a 28 foot-foot class-C recreational vehicle.

"We took pictures of virtually every RV site in Mexico and now people can look them up on the internet by name or by clicking on the various maps that show where every site is located," Bell said.

The site also prepares the traveler to make RV travel in Mexico as enjoyable as it is in the rest of North America. It lists the requirements of documentation, insurance and driving tips, etc., as well as specific site and RV park recommendations.

"Getting a simple oil change in Mexico can be an adventure but when you can camp safely on miles and miles of pristine beaches and snorkel for scallops and clams while on the Baja, it makes the challenges of driving through a foreign country worthwhile," Bell says.

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