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Oregon RV Parks Help RV Travelers Get The Most From Their Vacations

By Guest Author David Nool
Oregon is one of the most diverse states in the country, with a wealth of fun, amazing, and beautiful attractions. Here you will find towering mountains, volcano craters, old growth forests, pristine rivers and lakes, and of course a spectacular coastline. With so much to see in Oregon, it helps to be mobile. RV camping is an especially popular option for exploring, and some of the best campgrounds and parks in Oregon cater primarily to RVers.

With a Large Number of RV Parks, Oregon Provides Statewide Camping Network

Oregon is home to an impressive number of RV parks and campgrounds with RV hookups located across the state. With nearly a dozen RV parks in the greater Portland area alone, more than 60 Oregon coast RV parks, and dozens more across the state, Oregon is a motorhome traveler’s jackpot.

Many RV parks in Oregon have gone to great lengths to add to the fun and comfort of your camping experience. Backed by a desire to preserve the lush beauty of the state, most have created campsites specifically designed to provide enough space and pull-through parking for your rig while still maintaining privacy in a natural setting.

The Many Different Types of RV Parks Oregon Has to Offer

Some Oregon RV parks are geared specifically toward families with young children and offer playgrounds, game rooms, organized kids’ activities and other services to help keep youngsters happy and entertained. Other parks and campgrounds cater to the senior crowd with activities such as golf, bingo, and dances. Some are located on a lake or river and offer boating, rafting, fishing and other water activities. Others feature horseback riding, birding or off-highway vehicle excursions. There’s something for everyone.

Camping in an Oregon RV Park – the Best of All Worlds

RV Camping FamilyThose who have joined the motorhome community know that RV camping gives travelers the best of all worlds. You have access to the full range of attractions in the area, all from a home base furnished with electricity, running water and other comforts of home. You can go out to eat at one of Oregon’s many notable restaurants, or you can catch your dinner in one of the lakes or rivers and cook it up in your own kitchen.

After a long fun-filled day of exploring, you can return home to a warm shower, an evening around the campfire, and a good night’s rest in your own soft bed. If it rains the next morning, you can stay snug and warm curled up with a book or a good movie, rather than worrying about leaky tents or soggy sleeping bags.

Once you have explored an area fully, you can simply fire up the engine and move on to the next location on your itinerary. Each region of Oregon offers something different so you can create a vacation that fits your needs and interests.

With RV Parks, Oregon Regions Are Easy to Explore

If you’re looking for wide-open spaces, the eastern part of Oregon has just what you need. Central Oregon is sunny and desert like with scenic mountain views. In northern Oregon, you’ll find the Columbia River Gorge and nearby Mount Hood. Here you can rock climb, ski and snowboard year round, and visit beautiful waterfalls.

Portland Oregon RV Parks

In Portland itself, the state’s most populated city, you can enjoy art and cultural events, a wide range of food and shopping choices, organized or self-guided history and architecture tours, sporting events and a host of other entertainment options. For exploring Portland Oregon RV parks are often a convenient and economical choice.

History enthusiasts can follow the Oregon Trail through the Willamette Valley, located at the foot of the Oregon Coast Range, where agriculture and wine growing also are thriving. The southern part of the state is also rich in historical attractions as well as an abundance of wildlife sanctuaries and other natural areas.

Oregon Coast RV Parks

For those who love ocean shorelines, deep-sea fishing, sand dunes, whale watching and other marine activities, the Oregon coast is not to be missed. The area is filled with state parks and private campgrounds designed for RV travelers. Driving the 400-mile coastal highway is a vacation adventure in and of itself, and the plentiful offering of scenic and welcoming Oregon coast RV parks in the towns and parks along the drive make this trip fun and easy.

Whether you have a weekend, a couple weeks, or an entire season, traveling in an RV and staying at campgrounds RV parks in Oregon can help you and your family get the most out of your vacation and see all that this diverse state has to offer.

Watch For Travel Club Discounts and Off Season Specials

RV clubs such as Happy Camper, Good Sam Club tracking image, and Passport America offer up to 50% discounts at participating RV parks in Oregon. If you’re a member of an RV club, be sure to check out their list of approved Oregon RV parks and campgrounds. And planning your trip for the cooler months when things slow down could result in substantial savings as well.

Rent an RV From One of Many Locations in Portland and Across the State

Yearning for an RV vacation but don’t own a rig? Numerous businesses geared specifically toward renting RVs to vacationers. Renting provides an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of RV life without the price tag or storage issues. An Internet search for Oregon RV rentals turns up thousands of results.

So with RV travel in Oregon so fun, easy, and affordable, there’s nothing stopping you from planning the vacation of a lifetime to this diverse and beautiful state.

David Nool, a proficient Oregon outdoors writer, is a frequent contributor to loonlakerv. This site has information and advice on camping and traveling the Oregon Coast. Article Directory: Article Dashboard

Note from Steven & Fran: We offer web space for guest author articles because we believe there is always room for another viewpoint and because we surely don't know everything there is to know about RVs and the RVing lifestyle. in that spirit we invite you to submit your own articles. We're happy to give you credit and provide a link to your website.

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