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RV Travel Will Increase This Holiday Season According to Good Sam Club

VENTURA, Calif.--(Devember 2008)--Despite the current state of the economy, 71 percent of RVers claim that the current financial crisis will not impact their RV travel plans this holiday season. An overwhelming 81 percent said they will travel the same, if not more than last year, with more than two out of three RVers reported planning to travel more than 250 miles this holiday season.

According to a recent holiday travel survey conducted by the Good Sam Club, the world’s largest RV owner’s organization with more than one million member families, most RV owners plan to use their motor home during the holidays, breaking the myth that RVs are only used for summer vacation travel. RVers point to the overall sense of freedom as the most valuable component of RV travel.

“RV travel will be up significantly, with 33 percent of our members planning to travel more and another 48 percent planning to travel the same amount as last year,” said Sue Bray, executive director of the Good Sam Club. “With gas prices continuing to go down, RVers appreciate the convenience and cost effectiveness of traveling in their RVs without having to deal with extra airline costs, lost luggage, or flight delays. Something fun we learned from this study is that RVers find it tougher to stick to their diets than to their travel budgets.”

The survey results also showed that RVers don’t forget their holiday spirit when celebrating the season in their motor homes, as more than a third plan to decorate their rigs this year. Among those that do, 43 percent decorate their rigs with lights, 38 percent decorate their entire RV campsite, 36 percent decorate their dashboard, while 34 percent put a Christmas tree in their rig.

Eighty four percent of respondents said the comfort of home was their biggest motivator for choosing RV travel over airline travel this year. RVers prefer the advantage of cooking their own meals, having their pets nearby, and putting their own personal touches on their motor homes.

The survey was sent to 10,000 Good Sam Club members, November 10-16, 2008. This is the first year that the Good Sam Club has polled its members on holiday travel and the factors behind their 2008 travel plans. For the complete survey, see below; and for more information on the Good Sam Club, log onto Good Sam Club Web Site .

Good Sam Club 2008 Holiday Travel Survey Results:

1. When do you plan to use your RV during the holiday season?
For Thanksgiving 33%
For Christmas/Chanukah 30%
For New Year’s 28%
For general November/December vacation travel 57%
To attend sporting events 4%

2. Where are you traveling to this holiday season?
A sunny coast/beach 58%
Snowy mountains with power sports/toys 5%
Family/friends homes 49%

3. How far will you be traveling this holiday season?
Less than 60 miles 6%
Between 60 and 100 miles 9%
Between 100 and 250 miles 17%
More than 250 miles 68%

4. Do you ever use your RV as an extra room for visiting relatives during the holiday season?

Yes 42%
No 58%

5. Will the current state of the economy affect your travel plans this holiday season?

Yes 29%
No 71%

6. What are your greatest concerns about traveling in your RV this holiday season?
I have no major concerns 42%
Traveling on icy or foggy roads 19%
Parking your rig 3%
Increased travel time due to crowded highways 6%
Gas prices 30%

7. Compared to your holiday travel by RV last year, do you plan to travel by RV more than, less than, or about the same as you did last year?
More than last year 33%
Less than last year 19%
The same amount as last year 48%

8. What is your greatest motivation to travel by RV during the holidays?

Tradition 15%
Affordability 14%
Convenience 70%

9. What are the most positive points of traveling by RV during the holidays?

The overall freedom 70%
Flexibility of schedule 58%
Less hassles 47%
Quality time with family & friends 38%

10. What is the main reason you prefer RV over air travel this holiday season?
You never lose your bags in your RV 2%
You’re in the comfort of your own home 84%
You don’t have to deal with ridiculous airport security lines 11%
You get three full meals 3%

11. What is more difficult to stick to while traveling in your RV during the holidays?
Your budget 45%
Your diet 55%

12. Do you decorate your rig for the holidays?
Yes 37%
No 63%

13. How do you show your fellow road warriors your holiday spirit?

Lights outside your rig 43%
Tree that you can see from the outside 34%
Hang a wreath from your grill 16%
Decorate your campsite 38%
Decorate your dashboard 36%

About The Good Sam Club

The Good Sam Club,, is the world’s largest RV owner’s organization with more than one million member families. Founded in 1966, the Club offers member discounts at parks, campgrounds, and RV events, as well as a wide variety of services, including Extended Warranty on RVs (the Continued Service Plan), Emergency Road Service, RV Financing, and RV Insurance. Good Sam Club members also receive a subscription to Highways, the Club’s popular RV travel magazine. Additionally, the Club represents more than 2,000 local RV chapters designed to bring RVers together from similar geographic regions for group camping excursions. Extremely committed to its RV members as well as to the environment, the club is a founder of the annual National Cleanup Day program and an advocate of public land access, Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Park programs, to name a few. The Good Sam Club is headquartered in Ventura, Calif., and is a subsidiary of Affinity.

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