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RV FRIDGE GUARD™ Keep Items on RV Refrigerator Shelves

July 11th, 2011 (Long Beach, California) Christar’s Net, Inc., of Long Beach, California, announces the release of RV FRIDGE GUARD™, a new patent-pending, clear vinyl barrier designed to hold items in place inside RV refrigerators. The RV Fridge Guard™ is portable and easy to install, secured by two tension rods secured by Velcro® strips which hold it firmly in place on the inside walls of the refrigerator.

The RV Fridge Guard™ comes in three sizes and is designed to fit an estimated 80 percent of the refrigerators in new and existing RVs and travel trailers.

The RV Fridge Guard™ is a much improved version of the Company’s previous product, the Christar’s Net, which was nylon and used suction cups as attachments.

RV Fridge Guard™ holds items securely in place on shelves within RV refrigerators. Since RVs are frequently in motion, items placed on shelves can easily fall and become loose, creating spills and messes upon opening the door.

RV Fridge GuardBecause the RV Fridge Guard™ is made of clear nylon, a user can open the refrigerator door and view items inside without losing most of the cold air. A small window flap section of the Fridge Guard™ can be opened by pulling a hanging draw string to retrieve just the objects desired and easily put back in place when finished. The window flaps are secured by Velcro® hook and loop material across the top and sides. Once the item is retrieved, the user simply pushes the flap back up to secure it to the RV Fridge Guard™. The RV Fridge Guard™ is designed to be installed for permanent use but can be easily removed and cleaned at any time.

Since it also keeps the cold air inside refrigerators, the Company’s own testing indicates possible energy savings from RV Fridge Guard and it is planning to conduct third-party independent lab testing to confirm and measure this soon. Once it receives testing confirmation, Christar’s Net plans to launch RV Fridge Guard as a “Green” RV product.

RV Fridge Guard™ is the Company’s second outdoor recreational product to be launched. The first product, Cooler Shelf™, is an insertable shelf for use inside portable coolers to keep food items and fishing bait dry from the ice while keeping it cold. It is a perfect accessory for camping, fishing, hunting, or any outdoor activity and is an ideal complement to RV Fridge Guard™.

RV Fridge Guard closeupThe RV Fridge Guard™ is rugged and durable and can last indefinitely. The RV Fridge Guard™ retails at $39.95 (Small - fits 6-7 cubic feet refrigerators), $44.95 (Medium - fits 8 cu. ft.), and $49.95 (Large - fits 10-12 cu. ft.). It is also available for sale online at WWW.RVFRIDGEGUARD.COM as well as on Ebay.

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