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RV Rentals of Oklahoma / Rent-a-RV to Partner with Motorhome, Motor Coach and Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel Owners Nationwide

(PRWEB) March 30, 2007 -- Motorhome rentals are on the rise. Rent-a-RV's new national reservation center has been overwhelmed by motorhome reservation request and they are now seeking owners of motorhomes, travel trailers, and coaches to fill the demand.

Rent-a-RV specializes in bring the RV rental to the customer and was able to capture a large portion of the travel trailer rental market in Oklahoma in less than 2 years. Since then Rent-a-RV of Oklahoma is now allowing RV renters to tow units on there own as well but the demand for Motorhomes / Coaches are on the rise. Rent-a-RV receives hundreds of request every month for people wanting to drive a motorhome to many different events such as NASCAR, Church events, disaster relief and many other situations that Rent-a-RV has always been involved in.

RV property management way is the way to go

Rent-a-RV has been referring a lot of the business out but in January of 2007 Rent-a-RV made the major decision to create its own National RV Affiliate / Owner operator program allowing RV owners that don't use their RV that much the opportunity to get a piece of the RV Rental and Motorhome Rental industry. Rent-a-RV is creating a special site for RV Owners to sign up as an affiliate and to list there RV Motorhome and travel trailer on a state of the art RV reservation system. RV owners will be able to log in and upload all the pictures of the RV to the Reservation website for the world to see. RV owner will also be given the option to register as an owner or owner operator which will allow the owner of a travel trailer the option to deliver their trailer directly to the campsite of a renter that is not able to pull a travel trailer. This option will put even more money into the pockets of the RV Owner.

Rent-a-RV is currently seeking more real estate investors to get involved in the RV Rental Market. As were most travel trailer are rented out for 6 to 7 months of the year, Motorhomes rent out 11 to 12 Month of the year. As a motorhome investor the Motorhome / Travel Trailer is insured under their million dollar RV rental policies. All drivers of motorhome are required to put up credit card deposits to cover any damages so there is literally no risk to the owner of the unit.

"This is better than the Real Estate Business" says corporate Investor.

A lot of people are buying real-estate left and right but if one was to do the math the "RV property management way is the way to go".

If a Real estate Investor takes a $100,000 (30) year mortgage on a house hey would stand to pay approximately $655 at 6%. If a real-estate investor was to rent out their home one might be able to rent it at $850 a month if they were lucky.

Now take a $60,000 Motorhome.

If a real-estate investor had the same terms on a Motorhome the monthly payment would be around $360.00 a month and would stand to make $2450 a month because Rent-a-RV has the clients to keep the motorhome booked. That is easy math.

This is on 1 motorhome. 2 would be $4900 a month, 3 would be $7350 and so on and so fourth.

Investors are also able to track there Motorhome / Travel Trailer with the Rent-a-RV GPS tracking system right online.

Motorhome Fleet Management is available for all. For more information on the contents of this article please contact Rent-a-RV Directly at (866) 610-4931 Ext 60.

Rent-a-RV National Rentals is currently seeking individual for positions all over the U.S.

Jobs Being Posted are:

Delivery Drivers: Deliver drivers will be responsible for inspecting RVs, cleaning RV's, delivering RV's and getting RV's ready for the next RV renter.

Incoming Phone Reps: Phone reps will be responsible for the entire state that they live in. Phone reps must be able to use a electronic map to find campsites around there area and to be able to calculate route mileage for RV Rentals that want there units delivered.

Event Sales Reps: Event Manager will be responsible for soliciting private events nationwide in the markets that Rent-a-RV is currently in.

Website Advertising Rep: Website advertising rep will be responsible for soliciting online advertisement on varies Rent-a-RV owned websites.

As Rent-a-RV Nationwide Expands jobs will be post on their site.

Rent-a-RV uses the latest in online marketing technology produced by Expose My Site Marketing . Guarantees online growth and online domination.

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