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Cruise America RV Rental Relieves Rising Gas Price Pain With Half-Priced Mileage Special

MESA, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- With a new survey reporting that rising gas prices may cause Americans to cancel their summer travel plans, Cruise America RV rental is ensuring would-be travelers still get the vacations they deserve. Now through May 31, Cruise America's popular discount mileage special is back due to popular demand, offering half-priced mileage on all rental reservations made at any location in the U.S. or Canada for travel through the end of 2007.

According to a May 2 report by the Washington-based think tank the Civil Society Institute, 46 percent of Americans plan to cut back on summer and holiday travel in 2007 if gas prices reach $3.50 per gallon. With the U.S. average now at $3.10 and some areas of California reaching $3.49 already, that price appears inevitable for much of the nation.

"The last thing we want Americans to do is cancel vacation plans over high prices at the pump," says Mike Smalley, vice president of operations for Cruise America. "With this discount mileage special, families will still be able to afford the vacations and RV road trips they've earned -- without cringing every time they fill up. At just 16 cents per mile, down from the standard rate of 32 cents per mile, this discount will more than offset increasing fuel costs."

The rise in gas prices isn't the only subject on the minds of travelers in 2007. As "green" becomes a household term and carbon emissions data turns into water-cooler conversation, Americans have become increasingly concerned with their impact on the environment -- particularly their travel habits.

According to an article in the May 7 edition of The Nation, the effects of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses released by jets during air travel are around 270 percent higher than those of average emissions caused by driving the same distance, making air travel "one of the most destructive things we can do," writes George Monbiot, the article's author.

"When compared with flying, RV vacations are actually an energy-saving option, producing fewer carbon emissions on most trips and often leading vacationers to travel shorter distances," Smalley says. "Americans love to travel, and to stay home because of environmental concerns is simply not a solution. All long-distance travel methods create emissions, but RV rental offers a viable means for families to vacation -- affordably, comfortably and without excess waste."

Adding to the energy-saving benefits of RV travel, a Cruise America RV rental allows vacationers to trade hot weather at home for more temperate mountain areas.

"When customers use our discount mileage special to plan RV camping trips for cooler climates, they also save on energy bills by turning off the air conditioning at home," Smalley says. "Besides saving money on utilities, reducing energy consumption also helps families become more environmentally friendly."

The half-priced mileage discount is also available on one-way RV rentals. Reservations can be made online using rate code FRDM, or toll-free at 800-671-8042. The discount cannot be combined with any other offer and must be reserved by May 31.

Cruise America RV rentals are available in compact, standard and large sizes, sleeping from four to seven people and offering a kitchen, bathroom and living area. For vacationers who'd rather drive their own vehicle, Cruise America also offers camping trailers for rent with no mileage charges, as well as motor home sales at locations across the U.S. and Canada.

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