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CENTRAL AMERICA - The New RVing Frontier!

Lessons learned from 20,000 miles of driving an RV through Mexico and Central America.

November 6, 2006---Palm Desert, CA. CENTRAL AMERICA - The New RVing Frontier! - How to take an RV into Mexico and Central America, enjoy countless cultural experiences and return alive! is the second offering written by Jim Jaillet, author of Panama or Bust - A 343 day adventure in a motorhome! Watch a 2 minute, 20 second interview broadcast on KSWT, Channel 13, Yuma, AZ. (click play button - video loads in about 30 seconds)

Jaillet says "Many people take motorhomes into Mexico, but few have the courage to cross into the wilds of Central America. I saw no other RV's during my six months and 5,000+ miles in Central America. As part of my promotional activities for Panama or Bust - A 343 day adventure in a motorhome! I do speaking engagements which I call a 'Trip Presentation and Book Signing'. At these events, as part of a one-hour long offering, I have a period of questions and answers. During the questioning time I find folks asking me about the 'How to's' involved in this kind of a trip. CENTRAL AMERICA - The New RVing Frontier! sets in print the regularly asked questions and answers for the benefit of those people who might not be able to attend a Trip Presentation and Book Signing in person. RV'ers now have the information I wish had been available to me when I took my trip!"

David Bloom, owner of Central America Travel Advisory Service, says, "CENTRAL AMERICA -The New RVing Frontier! How to take an RV into Mexico and Central America, enjoy countless cultural experiences and return alive!" is loaded with hundreds of practical tips for anyone driving any type vehicle into Mexico and Central America from RV to passenger car. It covers every topic imaginable and is specifically written to provide information not generally found in typical guidebooks. As a matter of fact, it is not a 'guidebook' but a "HOW TO" book intended to help you minimize the many potential risks involved in Mexico and Central America travels. I know, because I have lived in Central America for 21 years, drove many, many miles myself on the main roads and off the beaten path, and I found this book very informative and accurate. I do highly recommend it!"

CENTRAL AMERICA - The New RVing Frontier! is written in both an unusual Questions & Answers and Article format. It is a fact-filled book containing 193 convenient-to-carry 6" x 9" pages, including a map showing the entire route of the 343 day adventure and 65 photographs. Get more information about the book and to order see Jims web site

Jim Jaillet has been an RVer for more than 40 years. He has been on the road living in his motorhome full-time since retiring at age 55 in 1995. He is also an avid historical reader. He hopes to be the first 100 year-old active RVer.

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