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Five Tips Every RV Tailgater Needs to Know

Before loading up the RV for your next parking lot party, consider these tips:

  1. Start your RV refrigerator several hours before you plan to fill it and make sure it stays cold only load it with pre-cooled food and beverages. This way your fridge does not need to work as hard. Dont forget your RV fridge needs to be on level ground to function properly.

  2. You and your guests should know the limitations of your RV generator. Trying to run Microwave, TV, laptop, margarita machine and other appliances all at the same time may overload it. At the least you may trip a circuit breaker. Know where the RV's breaker panel and the GFI reset is in advance just in case.

    To make sure the RV generator will work on game day, check the oil level and run it for a while the a day or two before.

  3. RV Tailgating motor homes
  4. Make sure you service your RV regularly according to the owners manual. Incompatible coolant and filters long past due for changing are the root cause of many engine failures.

    If your RV is kept in storage between tailgating outings make sure you charge your engine battery every 7-10 days by running the engine for at least an hour or more if possible.

  5. Far too often RV tailgaters create a real mess for themselves after the big game or race by not putting water and chemicals in the black tank before the first use. After dumping and flushing the tank, add enough water to the black tank to cover the bottom.

    Make sure those RV novices invited to the tailgate party get a crash course on RV bathroom etiquette and what items can and cannot be disposed of in the toilet... for example, paper towels, baby wipes and female products.

  6. No one can predict exactly what will go wrong and when, but many RV tailgaters run into problems to and from the stadium or track. It can be a flat tire, a dead battery, or something more serious. In these cases, the question becomes who are you going to turn to and how soon can they get there?

    A RV emergency roadside assistance plan can be just the thing to save the day. Most annual service plans cost less than just one service call to a towing company on an as-needed basis.

    Dont rely on your auto coverage or provider. Most don't cover your RV and even if they say they do, they often have restrictions and do not understand the requirements of an RV. Companies like Motorsports Advantage And Good Sam ERS specialize in serving RVers and know what it takes to tow a 40 foot fifth wheel or change a motorhome tire.

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