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10 Reasons for Renting Your RV When Not Using It

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If you think buying an RV is going to be a huge drain on your bank account, think again.

Your RV could be your gift to financial freedom if you choose to rent it out using a company like RVshare when you’re not using it.

Here’s 10 good reasons why you should consider renting out your RV:

  1. It’s a Good Money Earner
  2. Any make or model of RV can make money for you, so long as you keep your vehicle in good shape. When people want to test out RV camping or want to experience different models before buying their own, they usually choose to rent one first. And, believe it or not, there is a huge demand in all cities across the United States from people looking to rent an RV. If you want an idea of how much money you could make by renting out your RV, check out the estimated earnings calculator on and read some of the reviews. The average RV owner earns around $15,000 per year on RVshare renting their RV when they aren’t using it.

  3. It Helps with Upkeep
  4. All vehicles require a little TLC as they age. Imagine not having to scrape up funds for refurbishment when the interior is looking a little tired. Also, if you have a fussy HOA that doesn’t allow you to park your vehicle on your driveway, you may even be paying storage costs when you’re not using your RV. Renting it out when you’re not using it would cover these expenses and would free up your driveway or eliminate storage costs. And, check this out—there’s a high probability, your repair costs and depreciation will be tax write-offs.

  5. You will Worry less about Vehicle Maintenance
  6. If you want to keep your engine in top condition, you know it’s better to keep your vehicle moving, so renting it out would solve this dilemma. If you’re worried about racking up the mileage, companies like RVshare allow you to set own mileage rates. Generally, the rental fee includes 100 miles per day with a $0.50 to $2 per mile charge thereafter, but if you prefer you may set a different rate.

  7. You can Justify your Purchase Cost
  8. Think of your RV like a holiday home. If you bought a second home as an investment, you would consider renting it out on Airbnb or VRBO to help pay down any debt. So, if you think buying an RV is out of your price range, you just need to consider renting it out when you’re not using it because this would be the perfect way to justify your outlay.

  9. You will have Free Advertising
  10. You may be wondering how you will attract renters; well, companies like RVshare provide a free listing on their site and charge as little as 15% commission on rentals. And, guess what? No rent, no fee! When your vehicle is not being rented, you won’t be making any money but it costs you nothing to keep advertising for more renters.

  11. The Process is Safe and Secure
  12. Renting out your RV provides lots of opportunities to meet new people, but if the thought of connecting with strangers through a website seems daunting, you can rest assured that RVshare has you covered. You can use the site’s screening tools to vet potential renters and can communicate with them through RVshare’s secure communication tool online.  

  13. You have Full Control of Blackout Dates
  14. Of course, you bought your RV with the expectation of the freedom to travel where you want whenever you want. You can do just that. You have full control over when your RV is available for rental and can choose your blackout dates for personal use.

  15. No need to Worry about the Paperwork
  16. RVshare will supply the necessary rental contracts and will even provide pick-up and drop-off check lists to make the process easier. You would be wise to make use of the excellent insurance package offered by this company. It includes $1 million liability insurance and coverage for damage, collision, fire, and theft.

  17. Roadside Assistance is Provided
  18. You will be excited to learn that with RVshare, roadside assistance is not limited to your own personal use. If your vehicle breaks down when your renters are on the road, RVshare has a 24/7 roadside assistance line that renters can call anytime. Even if your RV just has a flat tire or a dead battery, both you and your renters can have the peace of mind that assistance is just a phone call away. And if your renters get into an accident and wreck your vehicle, you will be covered. Each rental agreement requires a security deposit from the renters which you can use to pay for any damage not covered by insurance.

  19. You can set Your Own Price
  20. When you rent out your RV, you have the freedom to se t your own price. If you are not sure what an acceptable rate is, you can search online and compare local pricing for your type of RV. Depending on the size and type of vehicle you have, you can expect to be able to charge anywhere from $75 to $300+ per day. So, you can see how those dollars will soon add up.

If you’re interested in potentially renting your RV go to the RVshare website and sign up for more info. Read reviews from people who already renting their RVs and request an RV Guide. After that, it’s all plain sailing: list, review, rent, and earn! Renting out your RV is a low risk venture where you maintain total control, so your decision to rent out your RV could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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