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How to Transport an RV

While the idea of having to ship an RV might seem counterintuitive, the reality is that there are some situations where you might have to. Whether you are moving, selling it, or sending it to the repair shop, the key to transporting an RV cheaply and safely is to give yourself plenty of time and be prepared.

Driving or Towing?

If you own a motorhome, and it is in working condition, then the least expensive option will likely be to have it driven to its destination. A friend or family member is probably your best choice. If need to hire a driver, you can look for a professional driver on websites like craigslist, or you can contact a transportation company.

A transportation company reduces the risks and helps give you peace of mind by being licensed by the Department of Transportation, and having the necessary insurance to cover your RV in those rare cases where it becomes damaged.

If your motorhome is non-operable, or you own a travel trailer or fifth wheel RV, you will have to have it transported. The cost of transporting it will vary by distance of course and also by the type of RV. An RV that can be driven or towed will be less expensive to transport than a RV requiring a special truck to carry it.

If you decide to have your RV transported, it is important that you choose the right carrier

Choosing an RV Transporter

Once you have decided that you want your RV transported, it is time to start looking for carriers. RV transport is considered a specialized service, so your options may be limited. Make sure that the carrier you choose has the ability and experience to safely transport your RV. Ask the carriers that give you quotes for their Department of Transportation (DOT) and Motor Carrier (MC) numbers. You can use these numbers to check out the companys information and safety record at and you can also check the Better Business Bureau for customer complaints.

Remember, the lowest quote may not always be the best. An unusually low quote may mean that the carrier is cutting corners with insurance, may charge hidden fees, or is not properly licensed. Before accepting any quote, make sure you know what is included or not included in the charges.

Preparing your RV for Transport

When you select your carrier, ask if there is any specific precautions that he would like you to take. Transport companies will not take responsibility for damages caused by improper preparation by the owner.

Clean the RV and remove any loose or personal items that you do not want damaged or lost. The RV can move around quite a bit, and you dont want to damage items or the RVs interior.

Make sure that all cupboards, doors, windows, and latches are properly closed and secured. If a door does not have a locking mechanism, make sure you tape it shut.

Inspect your RV, or have it professionally inspected, to make sure that it is in proper condition for a tow. Checking the tires, engine, breaks, and fluids can ensure smooth transport.

Turn off any electronics and disconnect the gas and power supply for the trip.

Create a list of any information about the vehicle that you think the carrier should have, such as the location of the spare, and any quirks your RV may have.

Regardless of how well prepared you are, there is always the possibility for something to go wrong. If you do not know what your insurance will cover, then make sure you call them to find out. Also, make sure you understand your carriers insurance coverage, as well as how to file a claim.

Even though it may seem like a daunting task, transporting an RV can be painless if you are well prepared and give yourself plenty of time.

This article was submitted to RV Basics by Ricardo Gonzalez of, the online shipping marketplace. For more information on shipping your RV, check out uShips page on RV Transport.

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