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Recommended RV eBooks

These RV E-books are instant downloads to your computer so you can read them immediately after purchasing. ClickBank handles the order processing for each of these E-books. Once your credit card is approved, you'll be redirected to the download page where you'll find easy to follow instructions for saving the RV eBook to your computer.

The Original Checklists for RVers

An RV Education 101 E-Book 3nd edition E-book By Mark Polk

RV Education 101's Mark Polk knows first hand that checklists help to simplify our daily lives. If we don't write down what we need to remember, inevitably we forget something. This can be especially true with RVs because there are just too many things to remember. You will want to protect you and your investment in a routine and safe mannor. Mark Polk has an extensive background in RV service, sales and management. In this e-book, Mark has compiled all the checklists an RVer will ever need, all in one place. In this 80 page e-book, there are over 35 checklists applicable for pop-ups, travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes, to use from the time you purchase your RV until you store it for winter and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! It includes checklists for Pre-delivery Inspections, Basic Inventory, Tools & Supplies, Getting There Safely, Campground Set-up, Pre-Trip, Home Security, Dinghy Towing, Essential Items, Nice to Have Items, Traveling with Pets, Awning Operation, Winterizing & De-winterizing your RV, Storing your RV, Battery Testing Chart, Spring Prep, and much more. This e-book has been updated with 10 extra checklists!

Checklists for RVers will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can read it on your computer or print it for reading later.

$12.95 - 80 pages

The Three Primary Systems of an RV LP Gas System / Water System / Electrical System

An RV Education 101 E-book By Mark Polk

There are many different types of RVs and many different price ranges, but they all have a few things in common. They offer us the same comfort and conveniences of our home when we are traveling.

1) LP gas so we can cook, have hot water and stay warm.
2) Water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and showers.
3) Electricity for cooking, lights, keeping food cold, entertainment and creature comforts.

But just how does an RV work? How do you get hot water, cold food and satellite TV when you're out in the middle of nowhere. How is it possible to use a microwave when you're driving down the road and what makes the shower work when you aren't even connected to a water source? This e-book has the answers!

The Three Primary Systems of an RV will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 47 pages

How to Buy an RV, Before you Buy it

An RV Education 101 E-book By Mark Polk

Purchasing an RV is a major investment, similar to buying a house. It is after all your home away from home and we need to slowww down the buying process and make some educated, well informed decisions. When we purchase an RV it's easy to overlook something, forget to check something, or possibly not be properly informed about something. Whatever the case may be you don't realize it until after you buy it and then it's too late. If you are considering purchasing an RV this e-book was written for you. Let Mark Polk, an ex-RV sales manager, walk you through the entire process of buying an RV, before you buy it. This e-book is loaded with valuable information and teaches you how avoid making costly mistakes. Polk covers everything from knowing what your needs are to signing on the dotted line.

Learn which type of RV is right for you, how to select the right RV dealer, tips on negotiating the price, finance terms and interest rates, extended service plans and much more. When you're finally ready to go shopping for the perfect RV there is a valuable buyer's checklist included so nothing is overlooked. Take control of your RV buying experience. This is the best $12.95 you'll ever spend when you realize how much it saved you. How to Buy an RV, Before you Buy It will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 56 pages

The Complete Guide to Dinghy Towing

An RV Education 101 E-book By Mark Polk

A motor home offers us the freedom to explore the open road. We can go where we want when we want. But what happens when we arrive at a destination where we plan to stay put for a day, a week or a month? How do we explore the area, or take a quick trip to the grocery store? One option is to disconnect everything from the motor home and take it. What a pain this can be just for a loaf of bread. Another option is to tow a vehicle behind the motor home. Now when we need a loaf of bread or want to take a day trip we have our transportation readily available. This makes much more sense, but just how do we do this? That's what this e-book is all about. It will explain everything you need to know about dinghy towing in an easy to understand format. Our goal with this e-book is to help you learn how to properly tow a dinghy, and to assist you in making the right decisions to meet your particular towing needs.

Dinghy Towing will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 33 pages

RV Packing Tips, RV Life Lessons and Easy Living Hints

e-book By Peggi McDonald

Three E-Books in One! This e-book does NOT suggest what to pack. HOWEVER it DOES deal with HOW TO FIND SPACE for what you have on board. Informative tips, hints and ideas include Peggi's personal favourites. PLUS much-loved suggestions from those they met along the way.

During Peggi & John's 20-years of Fulltiming, they have continually moved from place to place

Experience is a comprehensive teacher, but sometimes it comes with expensive price tags. With this e-book you can avoid their mistakes and the pricey invoice that accompanied most of them! Excerpt: "During a propane fill last winter, our rubber gasket on the horizontal tank-fill valve stayed on the propane nozzle of the truck that filled our tank. Without this gasket it was impossible to add propane into our tank. We didn't realize this gasket was missing until we tried to fill up with propane. Thankfully the missing rubber ring is available from most propane dealers; ours was replaced at no cost. Apparently it happens frequently "

RV Packing Tips will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 53 pages

RV Travel to Canada

e-book By Peggi McDonald

TRIP PLANNING to Canada is so much easier when you have All the facts, websites and PHONE numbers at your fingertips.The Friendly Country to the North - An overview of CANADA and of each PROVINCE/TERRITORY from east to west to north - Sea to Sea to Sea

General Information - Welcome to Canada; At the border; Food allowed; Contact info; New technology affecting border crossing; Money, conversion; banking, gas/fuel, propane: metric, roads; Access to large cities; Campgrounds in general, Municipal campsites; Provincial and National Parks and Conservation Areas; Reservations policy; No-cost stops; Dump stations; Water; Climate; Mosaic of Nations; Official languages; Best time to visit; Popular destination; Police Forces; Crime rate; Acceptable Credit Cards; Internet access and satellite TV.....Gun Control.... The list goes on!

What Can I Bring with me? Order now and find out!!! No other publication comes close to providing the NECESSARY answers!!!!


How to Buy and Sell RV's on E-Bay

E-book By John Costanos

Take a look at this new book: How to BUY and SELL eBay Motors RVs. Yes, this is the world's FIRST book dedicated to helping RV buyers and sellers become successful on eBay Motors! Never before has there been a PROVEN method to help you become successful buying and selling RVs on eBay from your FIRST attempt.

In the Buying sections of this manual we will teach you how to purchase an RV near or BELOW ITS WHOLESALE VALUE! In the Selling sections, we will show you how to achieve the maximum selling price for your RV - often achieving prices near or ABOVE RETAIL!

Just as the salesman tries to sell an RV for the highest price possible, the consumer tries to purchase the same RV at its lowest price. Whomever possesses the most knowledge and skill will tilt the balance beam in their favor. This is the way it's always been and the way it will always be. This is the way the game is played... ESPECIALLY on eBay Motors.

Our book covers dozens of the most significant topics that are CRUCIAL to your success. Skip ANY of these vital areas and you're sure to be eaten alive by the SHARKS swimming in eBay's sea of professional buyers and sellers. DON'T make the mistake of going it alone.


The Womens Guide to Solo RVing

E-book By Jamie Hall & Alice Zyetz

This e-book provides answers to all the questions asked by solo women, who are either planning to go on the road or have already taken the plunge. From the basics of can I go it alone and how do I deal with loneliness to the specifics of how to drive alone and what I need to know about maintaining complicated RV systems, authors Jamie Hall and Alice Zyetz provide the information in easy-to-understand language. Hall and Zyetz have incorporated the experiences of seasoned RVers, in this case solo women, into the book. Ten women are quoted in their own words, giving real-life advice on a range of topics.


Click Here if you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Pop-Up Basics 101

An RV Education 101 E-book By Mark Polk

If you are considering purchasing a pop-up, or already own one and have questions about towing, weights, hitch work, backing, campground set-up, LP gas, water and the electrical system this e-book is for you. Pop-Up Basics 101 will walk you through what a pop-up is and how it works. There are several useful checklists to refer back to when you are getting ready to leave on a trip, when you arrive at the campground, when it’s time to store your pop-up and when you prep it for use the next spring. It discusses how to safely match the pop-up with the tow vehicle and provides safe driving and towing tips. It also gives some easy advice on how to master backing your pop-up. Pop-Up Basics 101 will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 42 pages

What to Know Before You Tow: A Complete E-book on RV Towing, Weights, Hitch Work & Backing

By Mark Polk

If you've ever had questions or concerns about towing, weights, hitch work and backing this e-book has the answers. Mark Polk, the owner of RV Education 101, stated that he wrote this guide because these are topics that the RV consumer needs to understand so RVing can be fun rather than worriesome. The guide is packed with information on subjects like properly matching your tow vehicle and trailer, trailer weights, backing techniques that really work, proper hitch work, towing tips, driving tips, controlling sway, dinghy towing, weighing your RV and much more.
This guide will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

12.95 - 54 pages

Preventive Maintenance Checks for Motor Homes

An RV Education 101 E-book By Mark Polk

Mark is a retired US Army Maintenance Chief Warrant Officer Three. He knows what is required to keep large fleets of combat vehicles prepared for the rigors of war. The same thing required to get many years of reliable service and use from your RV. Preventive Maintenance is the cornerstone for maintaining your RV in peak running and operating condition.

Preventive Maintenance is maintenance that you the owner can perform on your RV before a problem exists. This guide, with 30 pages of preventive maintenance checks, is designed to prevent or identify potential problems that could lead to mechanical breakdown, or failure of a component or system on your RV. Preventive Maintenance consists of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, adjusting and servicing your RV.

Preventive Maintenance does not supersede the scheduled maintenance recommended by the chassis and RV manufacturer and it is imperative that those schedules are followed. Some of the scheduled maintenance for your RV must be performed by an RV dealer, chassis manufacturer or authorized service center.

Preventive Maintenance Checks for Motor Homes immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 33 - pages

101 Tips For RVers

An RV Education 101 E-book By Mark Polk

This e-book is a direct result of feedback from RV Education 101 consumers. We have had numerous requests to compile some tips that would be useful to RVers, regardless of their level of experience. Some of the tips are very basic and simple while others are more detailed and technical. There are tips that will save the RVer time and money, and some that will prevent untimely, costly repairs to the RV. Some of the tips are common sense, some you learn from experience, and some were passed on from other RVers. My six year old son Tyler is an avid RVer. When he found out I was writing this e-book he wanted to contribute some of his own tips based on his RV experiences. I included Tyler's Tips and for his contribution I dedicate this e-book to him. 101 Tips for RVers will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 27 pages

Campground Cooking

E-book by By Pat Watson

Pat and her husband, Francis, live in Holland, Ohio, and love cooking and entertaining their friends and family on KOA Kampgrounds. Pat's new cookbook, “Campground Cooking,” is a collection of more than 200 fun, easy recipes designed for RV cooking. Pat says all of the recipes can be made using an RV oven, crock-pot, microwave or electric skillet.

Some of the recipes are Foil Dinners that are for all types of campers since they can be cooked over an open fire, on a grill, or even baked in an oven. Many of her recipes can be adapted for cooking over an open fire, and they are great for busy cooks at home.

Basic Hamburger Foil Dinner Per serving:
1 lg. hamburger patty (about 1/2 lb.)
1 small potato, sliced
2 carrots, sliced or sticks
1 onion slice
pat of butter or margarine
salt, pepper, garlic to taste

Tear off a large piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil; spray with nonstick cooking spray. Place raw hamburg in center of foil and layer the rest of ingredients on top. Put pat of butter on top. Fold as instructed below. Repeat for each dinner. Cook for about 1 hr. or until hamburger is done and vegetables are tender, turning occasionally to prevent burning (not necessary to turn if baked in an oven at 350 degrees).

FOLDING A FOIL DINNER: Fold long edges of foil together and fold down to food. Roll other 2 ends up to food. Gently press top seam down to seal. ALWAYS OPEN COOKED FOIL PACKETS CAREFULLY TO PREVENT STEAM BURNS.

Variations: Use your imagination--add 1/3 - 1/2 can undiluted soup (such as cheddar cheese, golden mushroom, or cream soups), add frozen veggies instead of fresh, or add fresh mushrooms or zucchini. My book contains a section on “Foil Cooking” with recipes such as “Beef Stew in Foil,” “Kraut & Ribs Foil Dinner,” and “Ham & Sweet Potato Foil Dinner.”

Campground Cooking will be downloaded immediately after purchase and is delivered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

$12.95 - 77 pages

The Frugal Shunpiker's Guides

E-books By Marianne Edwards

Frugle RV Travel Books

There are many ways you can cut your RV travel costs, but none are as important as knowing where to find the best low-cost and free camping.

Luckily for us, in many areas of North America, including the most scenic states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, California, and Colorado) there are still plenty of free, scenic, legal and safe camping areas available.

You won't always find them in guidebooks, and they're not advertised in magazines. So, the usual way to find these countless gems is to hear about them from locals, fellow RVers or to drive the back roads yourself.

During nine years of shunpiking, (driving the back roads) Marianne Edwards and her husband have found hundreds of free campsites.

In response to questions from friends and relatives, who wonder how they can afford to travel as often, as far, and for as long as they do, the Edwards' have written a series of RV travel guidebooks they call:
The Frugal Shunpiker's Guides

RV Buyers Survival Guide

E-book By Bob Randall

Before you take that critical first step in buying any RV, you must read this guide. Written by a RV Industry Insider, you'll learn the secrets to making the perfect selection while saving more money than you ever dreamed possible! Anyone about to buy an RV armed with the information in this book stands to save thousands of dollars!

Bob Randall is the sales manager for a big RV dealer. He's also the former head of sales for one of America's largest RV manufacturers. In this tell-all E-book, he reveals how a dealer makes his money, and how low an offer a buyer can make off list price and still get the rig. And what can you expect from a trade in? Randall offers secret step-by-step instructions that only an RV insider could provide! The #1 rated guide for RV buyers - Over 10,000 copies sold since 2000.


RVers Guide to Dump Stations

By Roundabout Publications

It's not something any RVer enjoys doing but it is something that must be done. Eventually your RV's holding tanks must be emptied, and finding a public dump station is becoming more difficult. That's why this e-book was developed.The RVer's Guide to Dump Stations presents a comprehensive directory of public dump stations throughout the United States. Included are places like rest areas, truck stops, travel centers, city and county parks, gas stations, and more. And many of these places offer the service free of charge. Arranged by state, dump stations easily accessed from Interstate highways are listed first followed by other locations throughout each state. Pages: 67 Published: June 2005

$9.95 67 pages published June 2005

Click Here if you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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