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10 Tips To Cutting Your RV Travel Expenses

Being frugal can save your RV travel budget. RV travel is among the least expensive types of vacations. These 10 tips show you how to make your RVing even less costly.

  1. Buy a frugal RV. You don't need a big luxury RV. You'll have just as much fun in an inexpensive used rig or a good value new recreational vehicle. For more information see: How to Buy a New RV - How to Buy a Used RV - Which RV is Right For You?

  2. Travel during the off-season for pre and post season discounts. Campgrounds & RV parks, theme parks, and other attractions routinely have lower prices off season. For more information see: RVing on a Budget

  3. Skip the commercial campgrounds when looking for places to stay. Find low cost RV sites in city, county, state, or federal camping areas. For more information see: The Secret to getting the best RV Campsite - Tips On Free Camping & Low Cost RV Camping

  4. Park for Free! There are many places where you can park overnight and even many days for free. For more information see: RV Camping at Wal-Mart and other places - RV Boondocking America - RV Camping on BLM Land - RV Camping at Casinos

  5. Stay longer. Many campgrounds and RV parks offer significant discounts for longer stays. For more information see: Tips On Free Camping & Low Cost RV Camping

  6. Be frugal when eating out. Eating out can be fun part of your frugal RV travel but look for 2-for-1 coupons and early bird specials. Consider eating out at lunch instead of dinner. Skip large chain restaurants in favor of small diners. For more information see: Tips for Saving Money When Eating Out

  7. Take advantage of regional bargains. Each area of the country has bargains you can take advantage of as you are RVing.

  8. Don’t buy all of your groceries at supermarkets. Buy food and other necessities at thrift bakeries, discount stores, dollar stores, church and charity bazaars, flea markets, roadside veggie stands, canning plants, and u-pick orchards.

  9. Do Your Own RV Maintenance. There are many web sites with useful repair advice and several good books that explain how to do much of the care and maintenance required. And you can get advice form fellow RVers on forums and email groups. For more information see: - eMail Discussion Group - Get Great RV Tech Tips from 10-Minute Tech, Volume 2 Over 600 Time and Money Saving Ideas from Fellow RVers. - RV Repair and Maintenance Manual - Updated and Expanded

  10. Let Your RV Travel Pay for Itself. There are literally thousands of ways RVers can earn money as they travel. For more information see: Working on the Road While Traveling in Your RV - Full Time RVing and Working On the Road

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