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Why I Love My RV - 10 Celebrities Who Enjoy the RV Lifestyle

RV travel is more popular than ever, with ownership at a record high, according to research by Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). People enjoy the comfort, convenience, control and freedom that RVs offer. Take Olympic skier Bode Miller, for example.

At the recent World Cup Skiing competition, Miller said he'd rather stay in his RV than in the team hotel, and that he preferred his own bed and food.

Miller is one of many high-profile athletes and celebrities who are passionate about RVing. Here's a list compiled by RVIA of 10 well-recognized people who have been quoted in news outlets on their love of RVs:

* Jeff Daniels, actor: "I don't think you can call yourself a true American until you've been behind the wheel of an RV ... I love seeing parts of the country I wouldn't otherwise."

* Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice: "Being an RVer helps me do my job better. The RV world gives me a chance to balance things out. It allows me a sense of freedom."

* Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver, "My RV is the only place where I can find some peace and quiet."

* Bob Gibson, Hall of Fame major league pitcher: "I enjoy the RV world. I will have one until the day I die."

* Matthew McConaughey, actor: "There's nothing not to like about it. The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want - beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day."

* Jim Kaat, former major league baseball pitcher: "I've gone from being a major league pitcher to a major league RV owner. I'll travel roughly 5,000 miles in my RV this year. It's a great way to see America, and as relaxed a way to see the country as there can possibly be."

* Dean Karnazes, ultra marathon runner and best-selling author: "It's great for family bonding and eating healthy on the road, because you can prepare your own foods."

* Sue Henry, best-selling mystery writer: "You meet so many people in an RV. And they're so friendly. I couldn't do the research I do without one. In an RV, I can park and have everything I need."

* Davis Love, pro golfer: "I've got my bed, my pillows, my satellite card, my underwear and socks in the RV."

* Bode Miller, U.S. Olympic skier: "My team is sabotaging me by not letting me sleep in my motorhome."

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association ( is the national association representing more than 500 manufacturers and component suppliers producing approximately 98 percent of all RVs made in the United States.

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